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Do you frequently consume large quantities of drugs or alcohol?  Do you find that you rely on substances to help you navigate stressful periods of your life?

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Nantwich

Have you recently come to experience the side effects that are associated with addictions?

If you have said yes to any of the questions above, attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Nantwich is in your best interest.


Drug and Alcohol Use Is On The Rise

Across the United Kingdom, drug and alcohol abuse has risen significantly in recent years.

Although many consequences come hand-in-hand with consuming substances, approximately 3.2 million people in the United Kingdom consume drugs each year.  Contributing to this, it is believed that 7.8 million people in the United Kingdom regularly binge drink.

While many individuals believe that consuming substances is relatively harmless, consuming illegal substances and regularly drinking over the recommended units of alcohol poses to be a widespread problem.

Sadly, the NHS has reported that in the last year alone, 1.3 million people were admitted to hospital due to the ramifications associated with alcohol. In addition, more than 7,000 people required hospital treatment as a result of drug-related illnesses.

As an increasing number of people require treatment for substance abuse, the NHS has faced greater demand for drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment.  However, demand for treatment has seen the NHS unable to cope, meaning that many individuals are left without the treatment they desperately need.

Considering this, if you have come to realise that a drug or alcohol addiction is affecting the quality of your life, you must reach out to a drug and alcohol rehab in Nantwich as soon as possible.


We Provide Residential Rehabilitation To Those Struggling With Addictions

If you have been unable to source treatment for your addiction via a drug and alcohol rehab in Nantwich, we can provide you with residential rehabilitation treatment.

Here at Cassiobury Court, we welcome individuals from across the United Kingdom to complete treatment at our centre.

Although attending a residential drug and alcohol rehab may not have crossed your mind, there are many benefits associated with residential rehab.

For example, attending a residential rehab will essentially help you relax, recuperate and reflect on the ramifications that your addiction has imposed.

Attending a residential rehab will also mitigate your risk of relapse.  While you may have hoped to return home after a day of treatment, doing so will see you surrounded by the various factors that could, unfortunately, cause you to experience a relapse.

Instead, attending our residential rehab will see you temporarily move into our centre, which will provide you with the opportunity to relieve yourself of your usual daily surroundings.

Residential rehabilitation will also ensure that you can seek support and guidance whenever you may need it.  Our recovery team will be available around the clock to talk to you and provide a listening ear should you need it.


Our Treatment Programmes Are Industry-Leading

In addition to providing you with a safe space to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction, one of the most significant benefits of attending our residential rehab is our treatment.

At Cassiobury Court, our treatment programmes are praised for being industry-leading.

From the moment you enter our centre, you will be provided with a wealth of treatments that will enable you to overcome your addiction.  To offer you greater insight, we have outlined our treatments below.

  • – Detoxification
  • – Rehabilitation
  • – Psychological Therapy
  • – Well-Being Therapy
  • – Relapse Prevention
  • – Aftercare


Although the treatment that you will encounter will be bespoke to your personal requirements, each stage of our treatment programmes will help you conquer your addiction in various ways.

For example, through the administration of medication, detoxification will encourage your brain and body to withdraw from the substances that you have become addicted to.  This will enable you to begin to physically and psychologically recover from the toll that your addiction will have had on your life.

In contrast, rehabilitation, which includes psychological and well-being therapy, will see you discuss your addiction in one-to-one and group settings.  While discussing your addiction may leave you feeling uneasy, doing so will gradually lift the weight of your struggles from your shoulders.

Discussing your addiction will also provide you with the opportunity to change your mindset and discover how you can defeat any triggers that could cause you to relapse in the future.

Unlike detoxification and rehabilitation, relapse prevention and aftercare support occur after completing a rehabilitation programme.  They are usually administered on an outpatient basis and ensure that you have the help you need as you continue to recover from your addiction at home.


What Aftercare Support Is Available?

At Cassiobury Court, we will provide you with 12-months of free aftercare support when you complete a rehabilitation programme at our rehab.  This aftercare support will consist of weekly group therapy meetings, one-to-one therapy and regular communication with our recovery team.

If you decide to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Nantwich, the aftercare support you receive may differ.


Referring Yourself To Our Drug And Alcohol Rehab

With an understanding of the treatment that we can provide you with here at Cassiobury Court, if you believe that you are ready to overcome your addiction, we welcome you to refer yourself for treatment at our rehab.

When you contact us for the first time, our admissions team will conduct a pre-admission screening.  This typically takes approximately 20 minutes and is often conducted over the telephone.  During this screening, our team will ask you a few questions that will enable them to find out more about your addiction and your health.

Upon completing your screening, our admissions team will ensure that you understand the treatment options available to you.  If you are happy to attend our rehab, our admissions team will make suitable arrangements.


Call Us Today To Take The First Step In Overcoming Your Addiction

If you are ready to take the first step in overcoming your drug or alcohol addiction, please call us on 01923 369 161 today.


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