As you will be aware, we are currently facing the coronavirus pandemic. Our rehab centres are still running as normal and we are taking every precaution in the fight against the virus.

What Cassiobury Court can do for you

​ Don’t struggle with stress and dependency orders; we can help deal with these issues mentally and emotionally. We have trained staff to help you deal with these issues:

  • On-call psychiatrist
  • Resident psychotherapists
  • Addiction support workers
  • Visiting professionals and published motivational speakers

“We believe a relaxing atmosphere is everything”

Everyone has different ways of reacting and coping with stress. At Cassiobury Court we understand this; we address each client individually with a programme tailored to suit. We ensure everyone has an individual care plan that will assist with an efficient recovery and daily life.

Support is one of the key ways to tackle stress!

We offer stress management classes to help recognise what triggers stress. Sometimes you need to take a step back to realise what the causes are.

John Gillen

A recovering addict himself, John is now one of the UK's leading professionals in the addiction recovery industry. Through our blog, he keeps our website visitors in the loop with the latest news and industry trends in relation to addiction treatment.