Support Dryathlon this January

This January, Cancer Research UK is launching their Dryathlon challenge. They are challenging people across the country to give up alcohol for just one month. If you do then you will feel fitter, your head will be clearer and you will have more money.

Their aim is to help beat cancer, as alcohol is a carcinogen, but giving up alcohol for one month can also have a massive positive effect on your mental health. If you suspect that you may be drinking too much, this could be the perfect opportunity to prove that you do not need a drink.

Not only can this save you money, but it can also raise money for charity as your friends and family can sponsor you via Just Giving and the money will go to Cancer Research UK.

How to get involved

Simply visit the Cancer Research UK website and register by 1st January and they will send you a training pack including posters, wristbands and beer mats. You can either do it alone, with your friends or join another group. Joining with your friends is often easier as you will get help and moral support from others in the group.

The physical health benefits will be immediately noticeable and cutting down by just 1 pint a week will save over 1000 calories by the end of the month. Quitting alcohol completely for a month will give you more energy and help you to lose weight. There are also major long term benefits of abstaining from alcohol as it can help prevent heart disease and cancer.

Taking part in the dryathlon is a fantastic way to develop a healthier attitude to drinking. For many, alcohol is seen as an essential part of a good night out or the ideal way to unwind in the evenings. Going just one month without drinking will prove that there are alternative ways that you can have a good time. If you have a healthier attitude to drinking, then you will have a lower risk of developing dependence on alcohol.

For more information about Dryathlon, visit the Cancer Research UK website.