Health Warnings on Alcoholic Drinks

At Cassiobury Court we are a residential rehabilitation centre offering services for addiction to alcohol in London and throughout the UK.

So many people in the UK have a troubled relationship with alcohol and we always seem to fail to find the reason why. For many centuries, alcohol has played an important part of our culture but only recently debates have taken place as to why we drink it. Excessive amounts of drinking is without a doubt linked with our mental health.

Studies have shown that alcohol misuse is caused by emotions or situations that someone may find difficult to cope with. The result of alcohol misuse leaves a staggering 1.2 million people per year admitted to hospital. Far less attention has been paid to the links between alcohol and mental health; drinkers should be clearly informed about the risks of alcohol in the same way smokers are told about cigarettes.

A large amount of the population in the UK share an intimate relationship with alcohol, some have positive effects while others have a negative effect in the short and longer term. Unfortunately, those who rely on alcohol experience a negative effect and often need to seek help.

Treatment options for alcohol misuse usually depend on the severity of the addiction and can include; counselling sessions, attending self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or complete detoxification usually undertaken at a residential rehab centre.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

At Cassiobury Court rehab centre, London, we offer support and treatment to overcome alcohol addiction and achieve permanent sobriety. Anxiety and depression are more common in heavy drinkers. It’s known as a depressant, which means it can have severe side effects such as disrupting balance and affecting our feelings and/or actions. The aim of our personalised addiction treatment programme is to overcome alcohol dependency and tackle any underlying emotional issues which could have an impact on the recovery process. Many of our staff have in the past had a relationship with alcohol and a personal experience of an alcohol rehabilitation programme, helping them to make a personal connection with the client.

Common signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse include:

  • Being in physically dangerous situations and using alcohol to solve this
  • Not being able to attend regular responsibilities such as home, work, school because of drinking
  • Ignoring the issues alcohol is causing in your relationships and still continuing to drink
  • Heavy drinking as a way to relax or de-stress after a situation

Being strong is the most important principle when admitting to having a problem. It’s not easy but it means the first steps have already been taken. Denial is one of the biggest concerns and although not all alcohol abusers become severe alcoholics, it is a massive risk factor. It is important to allow our team to take care of all our clients needs/ desires at Cassiobury Court, London. Our professionally trained staff are aware alcoholism is a misunderstood illness and alcohol rehab treatment is the best way to help overcome addiction.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre, London

We are conveniently located in Watford, London and accept both private and NHS admissions from England, Northern Ireland and Europe. If you are thinking of seeking help for your alcohol addiction or know someone suffering from addiction, contact us at Cassiobury Court on 01923 369 161 we will gladly answer any questions you may have about our treatment programmes and residential rehabilitation centre.