Misconceptions about Drug Rehab

When it comes to addiction treatment, a lot of what people know comes from the movies or media reports. There are many misconceptions and assumptions that put people off getting the essential care that they require. Media coverage of some celebrities who enter rehab programmes often give the wrong impression about the treatment they are receiving and also their motivations for joining the programme. Some people can interpret the media coverage to question the effectiveness or even the credibility of drug rehab programmes.

Such misconceptions can prevent people from receiving the help that they require and make them more reluctant to accept the help that is being offered. Here are some of the myths that we hear a lot.

The client must hit rock bottom

This is the most dangerous of all the myths; that a client must hit “rock bottom” before being able to accept treatment. This is when an addict reaches the lowest possible level. Addiction is like many other illnesses and the sooner it is treated, the greater the chances of success. If an addict reaches rock bottom then, not only will it make recovery a lot more difficult, the body may have suffered irreparable damage.

Rehab is a quick fix cure

Often when the media report of a celebrity going into rehab, they will imply that they spend a week receiving treatment and be released back into the world fully recovered with their lives back on track. This could not be further from the truth and the expectations of a quick fix are actually damaging to the chances of making a long term recovery.

Addiction recovery is a long term process and clients need to be aware that drug rehabilitation is only the first step on a long road. Addiction can never be fully cured, but with a lot of effort from the client it can be managed.

All treatments are the same

Every person is unique and our individual circumstances and requirements vary wildly. For that reason, rehabilitation programmes are tailored to the individual and not just use the same method to maximise the chances that they will respond positively.

Rehab is like prison

There have been Hollywood movies about people who go into rehab as an alternative to prison. This creates the impression that they are lonely and depressing environments and that the clients are there against their will. The truth is that rehab centres are an open and relaxing environment that are based around community and friendship. This helps to create a more successful treatment programme.

All about detox

Many people think that rehab is a place to detox and that once the body is clean of drugs that they are then released back into the world. The truth is that detox is only the first step of treatment. Effective addiction treatment will get to the root causes of the illness and help the client come to terms with their issues. Advice on dealing with negative emotions and making lifestyle changes is given and aftercare is provided to minimise the chances of relapse.