Opinion: The #1 Low Tech Rehab & Detox Hack For Quick Recovery

Let me explain . . .

You have decided to seek advice for your addiction and you’re assuming the road to recovery will be full of complex road blocks and expensive treatments . . .

. . . but what if I told you there was one surprisingly simple hack you could get implementing RIGHT NOW . . .

Yes (if you’ve not guested it), I am talking about sleep.

Office Of National Statistics data shows a sharp increase in drug misuse between 1993 and 2013. The increase has been higher for women than men.

(Below)Office Of National Statistics show Drug misuse for men and women in England and Wales (1993-2013)

An image of a graph showing the increase of male and female drug use in the UK
And it’s not surprising this has coincided with the increase in working hours that women work:

An image indicating male employment rates have declined, whereas for women it's now higher
Whilst my conclusion may be controversial, I hope you will agree that it’s plain old common sense that we make irrational decisions when we are overworked and tired.

Perhaps there really is a correlation between how stressed and overworked we are and our propensity to turn to drugs and alcohol as an ‘out’ from our daily stresses.

Maybe . . .

Plus it’s well established that a lack of sleep can lead to depression . . . and we all know where that can lead!

The rise of self-medication and prescription drug addictions are all too common in our over-worked, over-strained society.

So we recommend you get to bed early and give yourself the mental strength you need to make healthy and rational decisions . . . and above all in achieving a life you can enjoy.