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Social Experiment Reveals Dangers of Intoxication

A rather novel social experiment conducted in Madrid reveals just how vulnerable women are when under the influence of alcohol.

In the video a women drinks what appears to be a bottle of Budweiser wrapped in a green plastic bag. Unbeknown to the men who approach her this bottle actually contains water.

Whilst the woman stands in the streets of Madrid a torrent of men approach her offering to purchase even more alcohol for her.

One man even corners the women and attempts to sexually assault her. Fortunately one of the woman's colleagues intervenes in order to prevent the man from further molesting the women.

The results of the experiment were presented in a short ten-minute video posted on YouTube.

You can watch the video below:

John Gillen

A recovering addict himself, John is now one of the UK's leading professionals in the addiction recovery industry. Through our blog, he keeps our website visitors in the loop with the latest news and industry trends in relation to addiction treatment.