What is a Detox Clinic

Approximately 10 percent of the nation’s population over the age of 12 requires treatment for illegal drug or alcohol abuse each year, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Detoxification, easier known as ‘Detox’ is one of many treatment options available to help begin the process of recovery for individuals struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. The purpose of a detox clinic is to carefully monitor a client’s progress and attend their needs during the challenging course of initial withdrawal. While beneficial in removing the physical effects of coming off the drugs, detox is not a long-term cure for addiction.

As a result of this, after the first initial process, most detox clinic programmes will attempt to guide clients to a longer-term rehabilitation centre. At Cassiobury Court, we take pride on providing a superior alcohol and drug rehabilitation service in London. We believe your body is just as important as your mind. Part of the regime includes drug counselling and observation of the client, so that workers will be able to make carefully considered decisions as to what the next step of an individual’s recovery programmes should be.

Depending on your addiction, it can be known as a serious disease and no single treatment is appropriate for everyone. You should first consider which type of treatment would be best for you and there are several types of detox clinics available to help you decide. Here, it’s important that each team of staff have a wide range of skills and experience so they can work closely with clinics, ensuring that recovery from addiction is effective and long-lasting.

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