Are Young People Today are More Likely to Try Cannabis than Alcohol First?

Are Young People Today are More Likely to Try Cannabis than Alcohol First?

Alcohol had been often the first substance the youth would experiment with, for as long as statistics were recorded.

However, according to a study published by Prevention Science, this trend is increasingly changing.

The publication also believes that a decline in alcohol sales is imminent. This could be an effect of society’s changing view on cannabis as a recreational substance.

The recent changes in laws throughout the United States does not only fortify that theory, but it also shows that cannabis is freely available throughout the United States. In as much as 8 states, it is now legal to use marijuana for recreational purposes.

Researches have asked a quarter of a million people in a 10- year span about their interactions with alcohol, tobacco and other substances. All participants were teenagers or adolescents.

The study started in 2004. At the start of the study, 1 in 20 respondents have stated that cannabis was the first substance they had used.

However, at the end of the study, one in 12 have indicated that cannabis was the drug that they tried. In that time span of 10 years, there had been a change in conditions – cannabis was now fully legal in two states in the US. The study also had proven that the people who had noted that cannabis was the first drug they had used.

However, the study also proves that the people who use cannabis before any other drugs, also tend to abstain full during adulthood. Since the legalisation of cannabis in various US states, the researchers have seen an increase of 10 percent in substance abstinent youth.

Another factor that influences the possible increase of cannabis being the first substance to try under the current youth, is the awareness of the dangers of tobacco. The youth in this day and age is much less interested in tobacco, due to strong anti-tobacco campaigns over the last few years.

Under the adult population, there has been a significant rise in the number of women – especially older and wealthier women – who expected to consume more cannabis. This is often the main target demographic for wine producers.

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