Research Shows That 1 in 5 Hospital Patients Are Heavy Drinkers

Research Shows That 1 in 5 Hospital Patients Are Heavy Drinkers

Across the UK, alcohol problems are noted to be on the rise. With the additional increase of mental health episodes and habitual behaviours, alcohol misuse and abuse are affecting the lives of many, with a high focus on hospital patients.

Although greater probability is linked to hospital patients rather than the public itself when regarding mental and behavioural disorders, such as an alcohol dependency, research still suggests that there is a widespread issue with heavy alcohol consumption.

This is a highly concerning message, as alcoholism is known to negatively impact an individual’s life for the long-run without specialised addiction support. A further concern is linked to the impact substance abuse will have to an individual’s health, considering health issues are currently present for those in the spotlight, hospital patients.

See below a breakdown of the research presenting these statistics, the link between hospital patients and alcohol problems, and the recommended steps to support those with alcoholism.


Research Focusing On The Link Between Hospital Patients and Alcohol Problems

Research completed by King’s College London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Brighton, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine and the University of Sussex has shown that 1 in 5 hospital patients suffer with alcohol problems.

Alcohol problems are identified as an alcohol dependency, alcohol related illnesses, liver or stomach problems, or any health concern linked to consistent, long-term alcohol consumption.

Over 1.7 million hospital patients were included in a systematic review, observing a number of factors including mental and physical health, along with the reasoning for a hospital admission, health issues due to alcohol misuse and any previous alcohol related incidents.

Out of all patients, research further suggested how 1 in 10 participants live with an alcohol dependency, which has increased over the UK in recent years. This finding was most common in A&E, with patients living with mental health issues and with the younger generation.


What Do These Results Mean For The UK

Although statistics are concerning, it is important that readers understand that research isn’t suggesting that 1 in 5 patients within every hospital or ward suffer with an alcohol problem. Data has provided an insight into the most common themes, with a high focus on patients with mental health concerns.

There are many influential factors to measure when considering research, which in this case, are promoting a link between health concerns and alcoholism.

While this factor must be respected, the number of alcohol dependencies have increased over the UK, increasing the demand for specialised support. With this in mind, research urges hospital specialists to gain a greater understanding of alcohol problems, their triggers, signs and symptoms and ways to support hospital patients suffering.

As the numbers increase, it is important that those with a duty of care understand the impact of an alcohol related illness, and how this can influence future behavioural illnesses.

Although research isn’t perceived as 100% reliable, with many influential variables involved, it is noted that a widespread issue is present across the UK.

Both hospital patients and members of the public are suffering alone without the correct support to rehabilitate. Research has promoted how further support is needed, along with a greater acknowledgment of drink problems throughout the public.

If you require any support related to an alcohol addiction, see appropriate support below.


How To Overcome An Alcohol Problem

Free Of Addiction

If you are 1 of the hospital patients in this research, or a member of the public struggling with alcohol problems, it is important that you reach out for support, sooner rather than later.

Without taking your alcohol consumption seriously, significant negative effects are likely to be experienced, with a large focus on both physical and mental health. Likewise, without considering rehabilitation, a long-term alcohol dependency could be probable, with the likelihood of reducing capacity to lead a positive, healthy life.

With this in mind, many future hospital visits may be required from the result of serious connected health issues.

With this in mind, here at Cassiobury Court, we promote a holistic approach to recovery treatment to help those with alcohol problems. For hospital patients, living with further health issues, this time of rehabilitation may seem challenging, especially if a dual-diagnosis is present. However, by completing a number of industry leading addiction treatments, designed with recovery in mind, alcohol problems can be overcome.

It is important that an alcohol problem is viewed similarly to other illnesses. Although it may seem impossible, recovery can be achieved with the right treatment and support. Like a stay in hospital, completing a programme within a rehab facility will work on alcoholism, along with any linked mental health problems.


Our Support Here at Cassiobury Court

If you are living with an alcohol problem, drink heavily or believe alcohol is negatively impacting your life, we can help you here at Cassiobury Court. If you are currently a hospital patient, rehabilitation may be required once you’ve recovered from your current illness.

If you are suffering with a mental health issue, appropriate support will be on hand to work through both behavioural illnesses.

However, for most, immediate support is likely to begin the journey to an alcohol-free future. By completing a rehab programme with our specialised team, you will experience a number of our evidence-based treatment options, all carrying high success rates.

You’ll look to complete cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational therapy, a medically supervised detox, individual therapy and family therapy. We will work through your connection to alcohol both psychologically and physically, along with any further illnesses you may be experienced.

Alongside our treatments, our team of experts will provide consistent support to help you through this difficult time. Having the right support can help those with alcohol problems recover completely, long-term.

Therefore, if you are suffering with an alcohol problem and believe that rehabilitation will be beneficial, get in touch today. We can help you acknowledge your underlying issue, along with planning for the future, alcohol-free.