John Nunan

Arvi taught me so much during my time here. He always went the extra mile and was a vital part of my recovery journey.

Diane & Lori were also of great support, and felt like surrogate mother and sister to me.

Sally’s food was superior to Tommy’s, but it was cold due to no use of bain marie. Paul’s was also nice and Arvis.

Sam went the extra mile for me. One day when I was upset she came and chatted with me. She was also prepared to carry out extra laundry duties as required.

I enjoyed my counselling session with Laura as she had a calming presence. Dr Iqbal was efficient and reassuring. Arvi’s 1 to 1 sessions were also beneficial.

Night staff were kind, patient. Always happy to serve toasties and juice and also made me feel safe and secure.

Extra thanks to Arvi for everything.

Many thanks to Gary for comforting me during my night terrors.