I spent two weeks at Cassiobury court for alcohol addiction. It has been the best decision I have made in a very ling time and I have started the long, hard journey in recovery.

Excellent medical and emotional support was provided during the detox phase of my story.

The residential programme is well designed and structured to allow enough free time for personal reflection and relaxation. The days and some nights are fairly lousy and emotionally taxing with workshops and AA/CA meetings.

Two things I can mention as personal highlights are the daily walks in the beautiful Cassiobury park and the phototherapy workshop. The latter had changed my view on mindfulness completely.

During my stay I completed step 1 of the AA programme. Cassiobury has been instrumental in understanding my addiction as a spiritual, biological and phycological disease. My stay here has equipped me with the tools needed not only to accept this illness but also provided me with hope that I can live a full and happy life in sobriety.

The facility is lovely with a beautiful garden space. The rooms are very comfortable and clean. The laundry service is outstanding. A varied menu of three delicious and healthy meals are served daily. Another highlight once the appetite kicks back in !

but the most important aspect that makes  Cassiobury so special is the staff every single member of staff from management the key workers the cleaners kitchen stuff I so incredibly supportive and understanding . most of the staff are recovering addicts themselves. Very kind but tough they are absolutely willing to go the extra mile and they have changed my life God bless Cassiobury.