Mrs Mcdonald

Cassiobury Court is a quaint and tranquil rehab clinic which gives life back in to the word sobriety.

This beautiful grade two listed building offers peace and serenity for everyone who seemed to have lost their soul.

I returned to Cassiobury court as a broken woman. I felt empty, lonely and ashamed for my addiction.

I have relapsed numerous times and never quite understood why.

Cassiobury court taught me that there is hope that but identifying my bad habits/patterns of behaviours and understanding new thinking processes I can begin to rebuild my life back up again.

It has taught me numerous tools, coping skills, to change my bad habits and thought processes through mind meditation, physically and spiritual.

Understanding balance for a healthy life. I have spent many years playing the character of an addict, getting confused with who I really am, what do I enjoy, what is important to me.

I have learnt to love myself once more and with the “ tools of life “ Cassiobury court has carried me through the darkest times of detox and early recovery.

When my world was so dark, and there was no joy in the mist. A Terrifying gloomy place.

Cassiobury court showed me the light, given me my soul back, a belief in myself and the building blocks for change. I have been offered gifts of hope, support, kindness and knowledge. Wisdom to change and the choice for my future. Now the world is so bright, and I’ve grown as a person.

I have been given a chance to listen with my ears and the tools to open my eyes to such beauty that can only be seen in recovery!