My Story

I can only tell you my story, I arrived easter bank holiday Monday, a broken man, bewildered man, failing father, useless husband and an embarrassment of a son. Hanging onto my family by the thinest of threads. Having hurt everyone and everything I've ever loved and cherished.

In 25 days Cassiobury, with its caring, passionate and brilliant never patronising staff, with support, but always caring group of peers has change my life forever.

My story was like a rollercoaster, the gates are not locked you are not a prisoner and I did suggest leaving very early on. Only for a supportive hand on my shoulder and a word of wisdom to intervene.

Cassiobury Court has change my life forever which I didn't think or dream was even possible arriving in a shell of a man.

Cassiobury has give me the tools I need to combat this disease and fulfill my dreams which were once broken.

I leave Cassiobury Court this morning a proud and positive man, looking forward to being your father, husband and son.

The most importantly human being.

Thank you