Discharge Planning

Residential rehabilitation is undoubtedly the first step in a lifelong commitment to remaining drug or alcohol-free. To ensure the risk of our clients relapsing back into old and destructive ways is kept to a minimum our rehabilitation professionals here at Cassiobury Court will draw up and implement a comprehensive and fully personalised ‘discharge plan’ for each client.

This plan, if followed exactly, will ensure the recovery period is lasting.

Such a discharge plan must put in place a formal aftercare plan which will recommend complementary counselling or therapy sessions if deemed necessary when having regard to the particular client’s unique needs.

Our clients will also be encouraged to attend local Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous groups to ensure their support network is as broad and varied as possible. This network of peers and medical professionals is an essential component of the success of one’s recovery and this network shall ensure the journey into a drug and alcohol-free future is as smooth as possible.

Please read about our formal aftercare process and relapse prevention programme.