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Are you based in Derby, questioning your personal ability to recover locally? Are you unaware of the differences between localised and residential rehab programmes, set further afield, along with their individual benefits?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Derby

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Derby

If you’re living with a drug and alcohol addiction, considering the idea of rehabilitating, firstly it’s important to applaud your mindset and determination. Having the readiness to recover, committing to long-term recovery and the effort that it entails, keeping an open mind of all recovery options is very important; exactly the position that you currently stand.

With this in mind, you should take advantage of your current position by understanding your available rehab options and their recovery success rates. To help you along the way, below is a breakdown, provided by our specialists here at Cassiobury Court, differentiating both localised and residential rehab. We will also cover the prospect of long-term recovery, aftercare services via a drug and alcohol rehab in Derby, and the processes you will complete by selecting our treatment centre.

Increase your recovery opportunities, boost your chances of sober living, truly embrace rehab and what it has to offer by investing yourself, by reading on, by reaching out for our support.


Should I visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Derby?

For drug and alcohol withdrawal, there are a number of different routes to consider. However, for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, there are commonly two standout options to focus on. Outpatient and residential rehab are both favoured and beneficial routes of recovery. However, depending on your personal needs, drug and alcohol experiences, and your addiction diagnosis, one option will offer greater results than the other.

With this in mind, to answer whether visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Derby for outpatient rehab is recommended, gauging your relationship with addictive substances is required. If you’re only experiencing the physical side effects of substance abuse, which can be controlled and coped through, outpatient addiction treatment can be beneficial. Likewise, if you’re surrounded by positive and caring support networks, you will have a chance at localised addiction recovery.

However, if you are unfortunately suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction, which cannot be controlled, which is difficult to live with, residential rehab, set further afield will be recommended. Although this may feel like an overwhelming step to take, residential rehab is known to increase recovery rates for addicts.

Down to their large differences, suitability ratings and success rates, it’s important that you understand and select the most appropriate option for your needs. For some, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Derby can promote rehabilitation. However, for others, the withdrawal process can be too difficult while surrounded by familiar influences and associations.


What can I expect differently from residential rehab?

Residential rehab is completely different when compared with an outpatient programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Derby.

What you can expect as the biggest difference is that you will reside from our treatment centre, calling it home for your time of rehabilitation. This difference will in fact carry significant value, experienced by combining our leading rehabilitation features. From the range of addiction treatments you will experience, combined to form a personalised rehab programme, to the environments you will reside in, the support networks you will encounter, and the structured, consistent and targeted approach to rehab you will undergo, your recovery rates will advance on a phenomenal rate.

The key benefit of residential rehab is the distance you will encounter. This distance will offer time, comfort and focus to progress through your personal rehab journey. Here you will be distraction free, trigger free and judgment free. You will have the chance to purely focus on yourself, by working through the entirety of your drug and alcohol addiction.

These differences will modify your long-term recovery capabilities by future-proofing sobriety, by making it a possibility. Through completing leading addiction treatment options, through combining this with relapse prevention planning, through embracing steps to improve quality of life, you will feel confident and comfortable with sober living as your norm.

Although visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in the Derby area may feel easier, you will in fact make your rehab experience harder. Select a progressive and worthwhile drug and alcohol rehabilitation process by selecting residential treatment, at a distance.


Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

  • Intensive form of addiction treatment
  • High recovery rates
  • Aftercare support in Derby
  • 24/7 support in luxury facilities
  • Treatment programmes can be expensive
  • Rehab may not be in local area
  • May need to take time off work
  • Time away from family and friends

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Will rehab cure me?

Unfortunately, no matter which rehab centre you visit, or which programme you complete, being cured from a drug and alcohol addiction is impossible. However, through rehab, recovery can be achieved, along with long-term maintenance.

With this in mind, you can reach the initial milestones of withdrawal and drug and alcohol rehabilitation via rehab, while also learning and strengthening lifestyle choices, behaviours and coping strategies to continue sober living.

This is very important to understand before starting your rehabilitation journey. You must be committed for the future if you’re hoping for long-term recovery. You must be willing to make lifestyle changes, down to your relationships, eating habits, routines, your career, and your physical and psychological health and activity in order to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction.

By doing so, by making these changes, by progressing through a personalised residential rehab programme, by embracing recovery, you can normalise sober living, normalise a life without drugs and alcohol. To ensure that this is possible on a steady basis, you must continue your efforts to avoid a relapse.


Can I receive support after rehab?

In order to cope on a physical and psychological basis, in order to avoid relapse, in order to maintain sobriety, aftercare services will be available after residential rehab. To increase your likelihood of maintaining your aftercare schedule, a convenient treatment service via a drug and alcohol rehab in Derby will be offered. Here you will complete support groups such as the Derby Intergroup AA sessions to boost motivation, accountability and the normalisation of sober living. You’ll also have access to further therapy, helping you cope through any cravings or relapse risks.

To benefit from a specialist approach to initial addiction recovery, consider our rehab centre here at Cassiobury Court. To maintain long-term recovery after our offering, opt for care via a drug and alcohol rehab in your local area. Combined, you can achieve your recovery goals, you will have the ability to withdraw from drugs and alcohol.


AA and NA Meetings in Derby

See some of the available AA and NA meeting times and locations in Derby here.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Derby

Derby As Bill Sees It 

Tuesday 1 pm, Wednesday 7:30 pm, & Saturday 6 pm

Friends Meeting House, 56 St. Helens Street



Derby Living Sober 

Sunday 7:30 pm

St John The Evangelist Church, Mill St



Derby Newcomers Non Religious AA 

Tuesday 6 pm, Friday 6 pm, & Sunday 6 pm

The Community Room, Centurion Walk, Chester Green



Derby Polish Speaking 

Wednesday 7 pm

Polish Church, 9 Gordon Rd

DE23 6WR


Derby AA

Monday 7:30 pm

Boyer Street Community Rooms, Boyer St

DE22 3XD


Derby Hospital 

Wednesday 7 pm

Ward 304, Royal Derby Hospital, Uttoxeter Rd

DE22 3NE


See more details about AA meetings in Derby on the AA website.


Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Derby

Sunday Evening NA

Friday 7:30 pm & Sunday 7:30 pm

St Osmund’s Church, London Road, Derby, Derbyshire

DE24 8UW


Monday Madness

Monday 7:30 pm

Osmaston Road Baptist Church, Charnwood Street, Derby, Derbyshire



Wednesday Night NA

Wednesday 7:30 pm

St Peters Church, 10 St Peters Churchyard, Derby, Derbyshire



Just for Today

Thursday 8:30 pm

Ozzy Road Church, Charnwood Street, Derby, Derbyshire



See more details about NA meetings in Derby on the NA website.

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