We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Great Yarmouth

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At Cassiobury Court, we work with people with all sorts of addictions and give them the tools they need to stay sober in the long term. No matter what your life situation or whether you’ve tried different programmes in the past, we are here to help.

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Rehab treatment in Great Yarmouth
Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Great Yarmouth

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Great Yarmouth

While Great Yarmouth is a lovely seaside town, it does have a problem with addiction, and there are a number of people currently struggling with drink or drug problems or working their way through recovery in the area. However, no matter how seemingly out of control your addiction has become, by looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Great Yarmouth, you can get your life back together.


How do people overcome addiction?

There’s no magic cure to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction, while some treatments will work for some people, no one treatment will work for everyone with an addiction. But people who’ve made a recovery will often have several things in common. Firstly, they are fully committed to the process when they decide to go into drug rehab, knowing fully that they’re ready to give up their chosen drug and alcoholic drinks for life.

Those who do well in rehab are often the ones who’ve sought out help, rather than been forced into it by family members or the courts. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Great Yarmouth, then that can be a good sign that you’re ready to go into recovery. Attitude can also play a big part in rehab, if you can start to appreciate the good things in life outside of drinking and using drugs and are grateful for the chance to rebuild your life, then you’re less likely to relapse.


How long does it take to get help?

In areas such as Great Yarmouth, there can be long waiting lists for any sort of NHS help, and they’ll often put you on outpatient programmes and try different types of treatment before you’ll even be considered. That’s why many people turn to private rehabs such as Cassiobury Court. We can often admit you within 48 hours, depending on whether a bed is available, so there’s less time for you to talk yourself out of rehab.

Delaying going into rehab can cause a number of issues. It can mean your addiction worsens, putting your life at risk, or can put you in debt or legal trouble. Addiction is a disease, and the longer you wait to treat a disease, the more difficult it becomes.

You don’t need a GP referral to come to Cassiobury Court, but we’ll carry out an initial assessment over the phone, plus a full assessment when you arrive. We’ll assume that you are happy for us to share details of your stay with your GP, so if you’re not then please let us know.



Will I have to detox at Cassiobury Court?

Most people who come to Cassiobury Court still have drugs or alcohol in their system, so they’ll need to go through the drug or alcohol detox process. Residential rehab is an excellent way to get off these substances, as you get 24/7 support, and you can also take prescription medication that can help with the worst of the side effects.

It’s natural to worry about detoxing, especially you’re a heavy drinker or have used drugs for many years, but rest assured you’ll be well supported and monitored throughout the process. Our rapid detoxes can be as short as just a few days, so you’ll soon be over the worst of it.


What happens during rehab?

When you arrive at Cassiobury Court, we’ll go through your addiction treatment options, so you can feel less anxious about what’ll happen next. Once you’ve gone through your detox, your 28-day programme will continue with intensive therapy, which includes methods such as CBT. There are regular support groups, where you can share your experiences with others staying at Cassiobury Court, supporting each other through the process.

Your stay at Cassiobury Court isn’t just about therapy, we also offer holistic treatments and teach you relaxation methods that can help you when you leave rehab. You’ll go to workshops that teach you about methods such as relapse prevention, and there are exercise sessions so you can heal your body.

Cassiobury Court provides a homely, welcoming place to recover, and while you may be looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Great Yarmouth, it’s worth considering other options further from home such as our centre in Watford so that you have space to relax and focus on yourself.


Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Costs

At our rehabilitation centre, we are committed to delivering exceptional, tailored addiction treatment while ensuring affordability for our clients. Our 7-day residential stay, priced at around £3,500, is designed to provide a focused and intensive intervention for those needing immediate support. This option includes round-the-clock care, medically supervised detox, and access to our highly skilled team of professionals.

However, for those seeking a more comprehensive recovery process, we highly recommend our 28-day residential stay.

This longer programme allows for a deeper exploration of the root causes of addiction, the development of coping strategies, and the opportunity to build a robust support network with fellow residents.

Our team of experienced therapists, counsellors, and healthcare professionals will work closely with you throughout the process, providing the necessary tools for lasting change.

To learn more about our treatment options, costs and how they can assist you or a loved one overcome addiction, please contact our friendly team today.

We are here to guide you through the process and help you make the best decision for your needs.


What happens when I leave Cassiobury Court?

When you’re coming towards the end of your stay at Cassiobury Court, we’ll start talking to you about your aftercare. Everyone who completes their 28 days with us gets a year of free aftercare, and these regular support groups can keep you on track. You may also want to find some groups in your local area. Many areas have organisations who run a needle exchange or similar services, who also offer support for recovering addicts, so we’ll help you find some local help.

The first year of sobriety is known as being the hardest, which is why it’s important to keep up with your aftercare. This will ensure you always have people to talk to when you need support and can share your journey with people who understand.

When you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Great Yarmouth or Norfolk, simply call the team at Cassiobury Court on 0800 001 4070 or text HELP to 83222 to find out more about the services we offer.


Check out reviews from our previous clients
  • Dan Peacey's profile image
    Dan Peacey
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    The only way that I can start this review is by saying that Cassiobury Court saved my life. I have had a severe problem with alcohol for over 10 years and I almost lost everything, but due to the care, consideration and commitment the facility has to offer, I have been given the opportunity to start again and live a full life with sobriety. The sessions have not only taught me more about the illness and severity of it, but has also equipped me with the coping mechanisms and skills to manage those negative feelings and maintain a happy & healthy lifestyle. Each Recovery Practitioner provides a different approach and continued to show their professionalism and dedication to the cause before and even after my stay. I will be forever grateful to Cassiobury and I couldn't recommend it more.

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  • Ryan Cook's profile image
    Ryan Cook
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    I have just finished up my treatment at Cassiobury Court which is my 2nd in two years. Initially I had gone for only 2 weeks but did 21 days (28 days is still recommended). The staff was absolutely incredibly; knowledgable, supportive, organised and REAL.Addiction is a serious disease and if you are serious about recovery and want to live a strong, healthier, more spiritual and joyful life - you should admit you are powerlessness and get the support from Cassiobury Court.The programs are incredibly valuable in group settings to hear other like experiences with the addition of private `Step (1-3) work and therapy sessions with professionals.If you are looking at this review, it means you are looking for help.Get here, get sober, find your new life starting at Cassiobury Court.

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  • Martin O's profile image
    Martin O
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    Cassiobury Court is a fantastic, peaceful place to recover. I am leaving today and can’t be more grateful to the staff and fellow residents who have made my stay such a wonderful experience.All the staff are happily prepared to go the extra mile to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible.There are a great range of workshops and activities to help you explore how your mind, body and spirit can assist with your recovery.The kitchen team provide nutritionally balanced food options and if you don’t fancy what is on the menu they are happy to make something to your taste.The rooms, facilities and grounds are immaculately maintained.I am positive about the future.

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  • Amy Elizabeth Munford's profile image
    Amy Elizabeth Munford
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    It’s a pleasure to have been a client at Cassiobury Court. From the moment I arrived I felt like a welcome part of the family, it’s non judgmental and compassionate approach to recovery has differed from any center which I have previously attended. The structure allowed me to develop at my own pace and to work through my recovery journey, which started with me at an all time low. When I entered I was a shell of a person, after a toxic relationship. My substance misuse and eating disorder was out of control and my health, mental and physical, was deteriorating rapidly.The staff, each with there own expertise and experience guided me compassionately and from a genuine place of kindness and warmth.The facilities, all departments from housekeeping, kitchen to admin and support staff, have made a genuine difference to the person I am leaving as. Strong, rebuilt and confident. Ready to step into a life of sobriety and positivity.I have made life long friends and made life long changes thanks to Cassiobury.I can genuinely recommend Cassiobury, to anyone who has found themselves in the depths of there addiction, they will help you find the path out, however unmanageable life may seem.All my love to the team there and to the clients past, present and future Amy x

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  • Brendan Mangan's profile image
    Brendan Mangan
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    I benefitted greatly at cassiobury court. I came in willing to work hard and overcome my mental blockages which kept me relapsing. The one to one's with the therapist and going through the steps really humbled me. I know now how my head works and will never take my sobriety for granted ever again. I have a structure back in my life I.e food, sleep, exercise and have the tools I need to push on and lead a good and spiritual life. Thank you to all the Cassiobury team. From the housekeeping staff to management has been excellent.I would strongly recommend to anyone to stay for 28 days like I did as its turned my life around. From a massively heavy drinker and cocaine user to give me the chance for a good life here on end.Brenden

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  • Larissa Disney's profile image
    Larissa Disney
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    I came into Cassiobury Court after years of trying to stop on my own, after years of abusing myself physically and mentally i finally came in with the willingness to ask for help and that is what i recieved. Although nervous when I first came in i was greeted with an incredibly friendly and supportive team, I was made to feel at ease and given privacy but i also knew help was ready and available when i needed itThe workshops, counselling and advice all felt they were tailored to me rather then just being another client and i was encouraged to start seeing the postives of life rather then the negatives, I enjoyed every workshop and the social aspect that came with meeting a group of like minded people and felt that i was being heard and understood. Since leaving i have re started my life and had support from everyone along the wayI would highly recommend them. To anyone who feels they may be struggling.

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Raffa Bari

Raffa Bari - Author

CQC Registered Manager

Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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