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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hull

Addiction is a disease that’s unlikely to get better without help. In fact, the longer you have an addiction, the more ingrained this behaviour becomes, meaning it gets harder to overcome.

That’s why, if you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Hull, you’ll no doubt want to get help as soon as possible. Cassiobury Court offer admission within 48 hours in most cases, allowing you to start world-class addiction treatment without delay.

If you’ve admitted that you need help and want to change your life, then all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us today.


Choosing The Right Rehab Programme

One of the most important elements of rehab is having the right attitude. If you go to rehab because of a court order or just want to do it to appease someone, then you’re not likely to succeed in the long term. If you plan to still drink or use drugs once you leave rehab, thinking that you can do so in moderation, then you may also struggle.

The programme at Cassiobury Court is designed to help you come off drink and drugs and stay away from them for life, so if you’re not willing to do this, then it might not be the right treatment programme for you.

Location is an important factor too. While you may be searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Hull, you may want to consider spending time outside of your hometown. Cassiobury Court is based in Watford, just outside of London, so it’s easy to reach from Hull.

However, while you stay here, you’re away from your everyday routine, dealers, places to buy alcohol and friends who might lead you astray. Many people find that choosing rehab centres away from home makes it easier to follow the programme.

You should also think about your recovery in the long term. When you look into treatment options, you’ll find detox-only programmes and shorter rehab stays, but in our experience, these don’t have time to give you all the tools you need for recovery.

You need to learn skills such as relapse prevention and to go through intensive therapy if you want to stay sober when you leave rehab. Aftercare is also very important.

If you have a drug and alcohol addiction, then it’s not possible to ‘cure’ the condition in a month, it’s simply step one in your journey. Complete your 28 days at Cassiobury Court and we’ll give you a year of free aftercare to help you stay on track.


The Process Of Rehab in Hull

Many people are concerned about what drug and alcohol rehab will be like, and they may have misconceptions about it based on movies or TV shows. However, once you arrive at Cassiobury Court, you’ll no doubt be impressed by the welcoming and homely atmosphere. It’s a comfortable, period home surrounded by gardens, and is set in a quiet suburb so you can relax and heal.

When you first call us about drug and alcohol rehab in Hull, we’ll carry out an assessment over the phone, but it’s important that you go through a full assessment on arrival.

Our addiction counsellors will talk to you about how long you’ve used drink and drugs, the severity of your addiction, your mental and physical health and much more. It’s important that you answer the questions truthfully, and we offer a non-judgemental environment so that you can be honest and open.

Like most rehab centres, the first stage of treatment at Cassiobury Court is a detox, and we can offer prescription medication to make this easier. You may suffer from withdrawal symptoms, so it’s important that you’re closely monitored to ensure your safety while you detox.

Our rehab programme is very comprehensive, covering many different aspects of addiction. You’ll have regular one on one therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and also join in regular group sessions. These sessions are common in alcohol and drug rehabs, as they’re an excellent way to get support while overcoming your addiction, and they cover many different topics.

While you stay with us, there’s always a lot going on, from holistic therapy sessions to physical exercise. We want to take care of both your mind and body during your stay. If you go home happy and healthy, you’re less likely to have a relapse.


Getting Help in Hull Today

It’s important to get help with your drug or alcohol problem as soon as you can, so please call if you want to find out more about Cassiobury Court. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Hull then it’s likely that you already feel out of control because of your addiction, so today could be the time you make the change.

Addiction can have a terrible impact on your life, so think about the things you could achieve if you stopped taking drugs or drinking to excess for good. You could start a new career, reconnect with family, and turn your life around. Whatever your goals, they’re closer than you think.

Cassiobury Court offer a free initial telephone assessment, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also text HELP to 83222 and we’ll get right back to you.

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