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At Cassiobury Court, we offer comprehensive rehab packages, which when combined with our excellent aftercare, can help you stay sober for life.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in York

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab York

There have been increasing numbers of people in the York area suffering from addictions, whether they have lost control of their drinking or are taking legal or illegal drugs. That’s why there are so many people searching for drug and alcohol rehab in York, so that they can finally get the help that they need.

When you’ve decided to undergo addiction treatment, you’ll want things to be as quick, easy and stress-free as possible. Cassiobury Court is just a phone call away, and we can often admit you within 48 hours, so you could be undergoing treatment faster than you think.


Why choose us for drug and alcohol rehab?

Cassiobury Court is set in Watford, on the outskirts of North London, and while you may specifically be looking for drug and alcohol rehab in York, there are advantages to travelling to us. It means you’re away from negative influences, and it feels like a break, so you can relax and enjoy being in a stress-free environment.

Our rehab centre is about a 3.5-hour drive from York, so although you’re away from home, it’s still possible for relatives and loved ones to visit, which can be a boost during your recovery.

Cassiobury Court offer a world-class rehab programme, which starts with a detox to cleanse your body. The length of detox will vary depending on the type and amount of substances you use, but sometimes it can take just a few days. Many people find this a big relief, as it means their head is clear and they’re ready for the rehab phase.

Our rehab programme requires a 28 day stay, which allows you to undergo a wide range of therapies and treatments. Staying for residential rehab means you undergo intensive treatments, all of which are designed to help you live life without drugs, alcohol or other harmful substances. This includes a combination of traditional and holistic therapies, so if you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in York, you’ll find it difficult to find a programme that’s as comprehensive as ours.


Will rehab make me overcome my drug or alcohol addiction?

Addiction is an extremely complex disease, and no two cases are the same. That’s why when you come to us for rehab, we take a full medical history and tailor our treatments to give you the best chance of success. However, it’s very difficult to treat someone who isn’t willing to change. It’s important that people come to us with an open mind and are motivated to do the programme, otherwise, they will struggle.

Another thing to consider is what will happen after rehab. When you stay at a drug or alcohol rehab clinic, you’re away from temptation, but once you go home, you’ll have to deal with these feelings once more. That’s why Cassiobury Court put emphasis on aftercare. Complete your programme with us and you’ll get 12 months of free aftercare in the form of group therapy sessions. While we can’t guarantee success, completing your aftercare can help you stay on track and motivated.


Is it dangerous to go through rehab?

Your body may have developed a dependence on drugs or alcohol, so when you go cold turkey and stop using these substances, you may suffer some withdrawal symptoms. This is at its worst during the detox stage, but most people find it gets better in a few days.

Unfortunately, it can be dangerous to go through detox at home, which is why we’d always recommend a stay at a treatment centre. This is because your body finds it hard to cope with this sudden withdrawal, and in extreme cases, this can lead to hallucinations or seizures. However, when you stay with us, you get 24/7 support and are closely monitored, so it’s as safe as possible.


Can I go through rehab as an outpatient?

When you search for drug and alcohol rehab in York, you’ll notice there are many types of rehab on offer, such as home detoxes, outpatient clinics and more. While these can work for some people, the success rate is lower than residential rehab, as they require huge amounts of willpower to get through. While you stay with us, it’s very difficult to relapse, and we give you round the clock support, which you just don’t get as an outpatient.


Is it time for me to go to rehab?

While you may be searching for drug and alcohol rehab in York, it’s common to be in two minds about whether to commit to a rehab programme. There are many reasons why people finally decide to reach out and get help. It can be because their physical or mental health is suffering due to excessive drink or drug use, or they may find that their substance misuse has poor consequences in their life, perhaps landing them in financial or legal trouble. At Cassiobury Court, we don’t judge you on the reasons why you want to come to rehab, we just ask that you show willing to change and commit to our programme.

While private rehab can seem expensive, we try to keep costs as low as possible and offer excellent value for money when compared to other options. If you’re putting off rehab because of the cost, simply give us a call and we’ll be able to discuss your options. It’s worth considering what the cost and impact of a continuing drug or alcohol addiction might have on your life when you decide whether to opt for rehab.

For a free telephone assessment and to find out more about our rehab facility, simply call the team at Cassiobury Court on 0800 001 4070 or text HELP to 83222.

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