Welcome Ocean Recovery Centre's Codependency Quiz.

Co-dependency is defined as 'excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically one with an illness or addiction who requires support.'

If you suspect you may suffer from the condition, please complete the below questionnaire. Once you're done hit 'submit'.  We then calculate your score and advise whether or not you suffer from the condition.  All information is confidential and we do not ask you for your name or any other personally identifiable information.


Does your relationship cause you to suffer from depression or low self-worth?

Have you ever taken time off work because your partner suffers from an addiction?

Have you sacrificed your relationship with long-term friends or family members because of your relationship with your significant other?

Do you feel your partner manipulates you to enable his or her addiction?

Do you take ownership over your partner's financial problems?

Since you got involved in your current relationship have you given up on career goals or aspirations?

Have you ever felt the need to take revenge on your partner for any particular reason?

Do you remain in a relationship even though it is untenable to do so?

Do you get into debt in order to enable your partner's addiction?

Do you sell personal items to bankroll your partner's addiction?

Have you ever stopped yourself from buying essential items such as food and clothing because your partner will go without drugs/alcohol as a result?

Does your relationship with your significant other result in you providing less support for your children or other family members?

Do you remain in a relationship even when it poses physical and psychological danger to you and your family?

Have you ever stolen money to finance your partner's addiction?

Do you take prescription medications to deal with stress caused by your relationship?

Do you struggle to sleep at night because of your partner's behaviour?

Do you feel you can make a 'new man' or 'new women' out of your partner if only you tried harder?

Do your own perceived shortcomings make you feel you must tender to another's imperfections?

Do you ever experience suicidal thoughts as a result of your relationship with your significant other?

Do you often try to believe what your partner tells you even though deep down you know he or she is lying?

Do hold an irrational need for your partner's approval?

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