Depression Quiz

Please answer yes or no to the below 10 questions.  These questions focus in on some of depression's more common symptoms. Depression is thought to affect around 350 million people globally.  Taking this test helps you evaluate whether you really are suffering from depression.  The results of this test should be considered a form of self-diagnosis and seeking the help of a professional is vitally important. 

Over the preceding four weeks, have you been affected by any of the below emotions or conditions? Please tick either YES or NO. Once you've completed the below questions hit the SUBMIT button:

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A lack of motivation to do even the most simple of things such as turning up to work or visiting family:

Showing a lack of pleasure in doing stuff you would normally enjoy:

Lack of basic attention/struggling to concentrate on menial tasks such as watching TV or reading a book:

Feeling a sense of impending doom, or just feeling down:

Difficulties getting a decent night's sleep or excessively over sleeping:

Binge eating or a total lack of appetite:

Feeling like you’re a failure:

Feeling lethargic and always tired:

Considering self-harming:

Suicidal thoughts:

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