Sleeping Pill Detox and Rehab

Sleeping Pill Detoxification and Rehabilitation

Cassiobury Court offers a bespoke sleeping pill detoxification programme tackling the challenges arising from sleeping pill addiction. Typically clients find themselves addicted to a range of different sleeping pills such as tranquillizers or sedatives. Pills are commonly prescribed to treat sleeping disorders but once the original disorder is successfully treated an addiction to sleeping pills remain.

Sleeping pill addictions we treat

At Cassiobury Court clients typically are addicted to one or more of the below-sleeping pills:

Details of our sleeping pill detoxification programme

Before rehabilitation commences you must first tackle detoxification. During detoxification, sleeping pill drugs exit the body. Dosages may be gradually tapered away to avoid painful withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification takes place in our residential rehabilitation centre. Patients are starved of ‘addiction triggers’ during the period.
Powerful and painful withdrawal symptoms are monitored by our medical team. Typical withdrawal symptoms associated with sleeping pill detoxification include muscle pain, anxiety, insomnia, hallucinations, convulsions and possible digestion problems.
Once clients’ withdrawal symptoms decline a programme of therapy and counselling begins. Patients receive group and individual therapy but offered by experienced therapists. Cognitive behavioural therapy is used to alter thoughts and behaviours triggering addiction. Coping strategies are also taught. Patients learn to tackle external stimuli giving rise to thoughts and emotions promoting addiction. Learn more about our rehabilitation programme here.

Call Cassiobury Court for more information

If you wish to learn more about Cassiobury Court’s sleeping pill detoxification and rehabilitation programme call our centre today on 0800 500 3129. Cassiobury Court is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre with locations in London and Blackpool. You can learn more about our detoxification programme by clicking here.

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