Alcohol & Breast Cancer Infographic

In this blog post, we present an infographic that weighs up recent studies that say drinking moderate amounts of alcohol could increase the risk of getting breast cancer.

Almost unbelievably, just over one in ten women will suffer from breast cancer in their lifetimes. Recent studies say these risks are increased in proportion to the number of alcohol units a woman consumes on a regular basis.

The infographic is well researched, and we have added links to resources we used when designing the infographic. Towards the end of the infographic, we outline steps women can take to help reduce the risk of getting breast cancer.

As a national provider of alcohol rehab services, we have seen first hand the many ways alcohol inflicts pain and suffering on people affected by alcoholism. Current research also indicates that consuming alcohol may also inflict a similar degree of suffering on those who consider themselves to be moderate drinking.

In 2016-2017, the UK Government has now readjusted its advice by not stating that alcohol consumption cannot be considered ‘safe’ no matter how little is consumed. The experts who advised on this altered stance admit that the impetus for this was research linking low levels of alcohol consumption to cancer.

breast cancer infographic