We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford

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Effective Drug and Alcohol rehab near Oxford

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Oxford
Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Oxford

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We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Oxford

Worldwide, many people like to enjoy the occasional drink. Drinking is rooted in so many cultures, especially as a social event. For example take drinking in order to celebrate an occasion – it is normal and in many cases, healthy as well. But that is only when you drink in moderation.

For many people, the occasional moderate drinking can turn into a destructive alcohol abuse habit. This is dangerous as it can ruin your friendships, family and relationships. Alcohol Addiction is one of the largest causes of premature death under a large part of the population. Do you live in the city of Oxford? Are you someone who feels that their excessive alcohol abuse is leading to your life falling apart?

Do not worry – you can get help today at Cassiobury Court’s Alcohol Rehab Oxford Centre. We are based in Watford –  just under an hour away from your Oxford home by car and train.


Help if you are suffering from an addiction in Oxford

Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the biggest risk factors of premature death worldwide. To add to that, addiction will make people suffer even if it does not lead to death. That is not only the person addicted to drugs that will see a huge drop in quality of life – but your friends and family around you too. Families, relationships and friendships are often broken due to an addiction. Same goes for personal ambitions, responsibilities and ambitions. Do you recognise yourself in this

Do you live in the city of Oxford or close to the city? It might be time for you to call our drug rehab centre. At Cassiobury Court, we can help you get clean within a month and put your life back on track.


The initial first steps at our drug and alcohol rehab centre

Once you decide to join our centre, an addiction specialist will get in touch with you in order to talk about your story and what action needs to be taken in order to help you become sober. We normally have a set programme. however tailored to your needs and wants as much as possible.

At arrival at our Oxford drug and alcohol centre, you must start the alcohol detox process. This is where you abstain from alcohol for a prolonged period in order to flush the alcohol out of your body. This could lead to withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, flu-like symptoms and mental/emotional instability. This is why it is important you do not detox at home. We have experienced professionals with medical licences who can administer medication in order to ease the symptoms.

Afterwards, we move on to post-detox therapy rehab. This is where you sit down with clinical therapists on a regular basis in order to help you find ways to cope without alcohol. We will also help you get to the bottom of your addiction, and see if there are any triggers that had pulled you down into the negative spiral of alcohol addiction. To add to that – if there are any co-existing mental conditions, we will also help learn to deal with these conditions and treat them.

Our drug and alcohol rehab Oxford service can change your life for the better. Call us today on 01923 369 161 for more information.

Raffa Bari

Raffa Bari - Author

CQC Registered Manager

Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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