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Withdrawing, psychologically detaching from, and learning to live without the influence of drugs and alcohol will require a comprehensive process of rehabilitation. Due to the addictive nature of such substances, simply reducing or stopping consumption will not be enough to maintain sobriety.

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Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Marsh Baldon, completing a range of addiction treatment servicesdetoxification programmesrelapse prevention planning and aftercare will therefore be recommended. Helping to move you through the necessary steps of rehabilitation, detaching on physical and psychological levels will be possible, while also learning to maintain a drug and alcohol-free life.

Through our professional and private rehabilitation centre here at Cassiobury Court, you can expect to work towards such milestones, experiencing the necessity of comprehensive recovery. You can also look towards a personal, tailored programme, taking your needs and circumstances into consideration.

Although the cold turkey approach to withdrawal may seem like the best option, there are many drawbacks to independent, standalone drug and alcohol detoxification. Instead, look towards the benefits of full rehabilitation, to experience and sustain long-term recovery.


Available treatment options

Choosing to recover from addiction will carry decisions surrounding impending treatment options, steps, and encounters. There are some common options to consider and benchmark, in order to select and commit to the most effective for your personal needs.

One of the most thought about options is going cold turkey, where exposure to drugs and alcohol will be immediately stopped on an independent basis. Although this is taking action, lone detoxification can be very dangerous, along with disheartening when considering full rehabilitation. While the cold turkey approach may work for some individuals, it is discouraged if long-term, sustainable sobriety is your goal.

Another available treatment option is the rehabilitation services of the NHS on an outpatient basis. Highly attractive for the free and normalised accessibility of such treatment services, selecting the support of a Marsh Baldon based hospital may seem ideal. However, idealism shouldn’t drive your decision, instead be motivated by suitability, safety, and full capabilities to comprehensively recover.

Inpatient, private rehab is the standard that we advocate here at Cassiobury Court, due to the rehabilitation experiences that can be encountered. From the specialisms of care and the tailoring of treatment programmes to the efficient admissions process to begin the addiction recovery journey, private rehabilitation provides a comprehensive recovery experience. Physical and psychological disconnect, development and sobriety can be achieved through this treatment option.

Each available option will work differently for every person. Finding and selecting the option which will benefit you the most will be encouraged, standing as inpatient care for reliable and realistic addiction recovery.


Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Marsh Baldon

Encountering the value of inpatient care will be possible here at Cassiobury Court while looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Marsh Baldon to recover from.

Through our services, you can commit to removing yourself from physical and psychological influences, to fully focus on comprehensive rehabilitation. Moving clients through a range of treatment services, goals, and milestones, completing the required degree and strength of treatment is possible.

Detoxification will commence addiction recovery for the majority of clients, to motivate physical withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. Followed by rehabilitation efforts of therapy, education and relapse prevention, psychological battles with drugs and alcohol can be understood and worked through.

By selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Marsh Baldon, you can experience all-around care, tailored to your needs, all promoted through an efficient 28-day programme. Complete the necessary steps of addiction recovery in order to not only recover from substance abuse but also sustain a sober reality, on a post-rehab basis.


Drug and alcohol detoxification

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is an essential step to detach from the tangible consumption of addictive substances. Working towards a clean slate, safe withdrawal will be offered through a private rehab clinic, to help suppress the impacts of withdrawal symptoms.

Following the cold turkey approach, independently, will not secure safe and sustainable withdrawal, due to the aggressiveness of potential symptoms. Yet through a controlled and tailored detoxification process, reaching physical sobriety can be possible, due to the long-term period of drug and alcohol-free efforts.



Once drug and alcohol exposure and their effects have been eliminated, rehabilitation is the next milestone to work through. Offering the ability to recover comprehensively, here’s where suitable addiction treatment services will be combined to form a tailored programme.

Spanning across inpatient rehab, individual therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, family intervention, holistic therapies and mindfulness will be promoted. Carrying personal suitability, learning to detach and live without the ongoing effects of drugs and alcohol will be possible, on psychological and emotional levels.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Marsh Baldon, an intensive and progressive experience of rehabilitation can be expected, helping to strengthen long-term recovery capabilities.
Personal relapse prevention

Alongside our addiction treatment offerings here at Cassiobury Court, personal relapse prevention planning will be promoted, helping to secure and strengthen sobriety. Planning, setting goals, developing coping strategies and understanding relapse are found to ease the post-rehab transition while securing new healthy routines of sobriety.

A personal plan will be developed to reduce the risk of relapse and prevent the resurfacing of physical and psychological cravings, influences and actions.

Our therapies, our processes, our programmes, and our pace of recovery can help you recover comprehensively, in the safest and most efficient way possible. Select the most suitable treatment option for your needs, deliverable through inpatient rehab.

Unfortunately, relying on a cure for addiction is unrealistic, due to the intense and complicated nature of addiction as a brain condition. Addiction is an invasive condition that influences change through behavioural, habitual, and emotional responses. While reverting such changes are possible through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, management will be required, backing the recommendation of comprehensive recovery.

Typically, inpatient rehab programmes last 28 days. This timeframe is the most effective when considering safe detoxification, rehabilitation, and planning, while also offering a concentrated focus on addiction recovery.

Naturally, personal needs will direct the length of your visit to a drug and alcohol rehab in Marsh Baldon, communicated on your admission.

There are a wide range of therapy services available through drug and alcohol rehab. A recommendation of therapy will be provided on a personal basis, to make up the rehabilitation milestone of addiction recovery. Cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, family therapy and individual therapy are a few options that carry great effect through rehabilitation.

Complete the requirement of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, to a comprehensive degree here at Cassiobury Court. Contact our team for more information, or to progress ahead with your rehab admission.

Raffa Bari

Raffa Bari - Author

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Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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