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Have you ever attempted to reduce your drug and alcohol intake, independently?

Maybe you’re unsure of where to turn to in order to overcome your addiction?

Or maybe you’re hoping that your addiction will just go away by itself?

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Unfortunately, the above thought-processes and actions are very common for drug and alcohol abusers. The necessity of professional support is devalued, as lone attempts to withdraw are strived for.

Some, as we’ve shared above will believe that their addictive behaviours and attachments to drugs and alcohol will vanish. However, this is far from possible, down to the complexity and severity of the addiction as an illness.

If you’re following this thought-process or feel the desire to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, it is important to learn the value of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation. It is in fact the only way out for most with addiction diagnoses.

If you’re set on recovering, if you’re ready to value professional guidance, we can assist at Cassiobury Court, via our specialist rehab clinic. While recovering from a drug and alcohol rehab in Colwyn Bay may seem like the best idea if you’re happy to accept professional support, this may not always be the case.

Keep reading to understand the experiences you can encounter through remaining local for rehab, through residential rehab, and through seeing professional guidance and addiction treatment as necessities.


The necessity of professional addiction support

For some, understanding the severity of a drug and alcohol addiction can be difficult. As humans, we tend to protect ourselves from negative situations or consequences.

For those who abuse drugs and alcohol, there’s a strong likelihood that feelings of denial will develop, or that drugs and alcohol will take over on physical and psychological levels, making it hard to grasp reality.

Through coping strategies or the reality of addiction, it is easy to see why some individuals will favour or believe that independent withdrawal from drugs and alcohol will work.

However, through supporting clients for years through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we understand the detriment and low success rates linked to independent withdrawal.

Professional addiction support should be seen as a necessity. Whether you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Colwyn Bay, or our residential rehab clinic, this will be greater than lone attempts.

This route is a necessity as vast addiction treatment services, as a structure, as safe and progressive recovery processes are required to overcome a physical and psychological addiction.

Lone attempts can in fact heighten side effects, can present unbearable withdrawal symptoms and can increase the likelihood of ongoing substance abuse.

While some will attempt to work through this experience, low recovery rates are also attached, down to the fact that specialist psychological intervention is required to holistically heal from addiction.

The safest, most effective and reliable way out from addiction is by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab clinic, boasting professionalism and specialisms of addiction recovery.

We can provide this for you at Cassiobury Court, helping you experience the value of professional support and its necessity.


Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Colwyn Bay

If you’re happy to accept professional support, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll look to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Colwyn Bay. This is a positive direction to work towards. However, it is important to firstly understand the reality of localised recovery, and secondly whether it is right for you.

Localised recovery, whether that’s through outpatient or residential rehab can influence positive recovery rates. There’s great comfort linked to selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Colwyn Bay. However, those recovery rates will be dependent on the individual experiencing rehab, the severity of their addiction, and how they respond to rehab.

It is very important that the correct form of rehab, that the right environment is present, those appropriate degrees of addiction treatment services are available, and that safety and recovery can both be prioritised.

From a drug and alcohol rehab in Colwyn Bay, recovery can be achieved, especially on an initial basis. Drug and alcohol withdrawal and psychological repair can be experienced. However, it is important to consider your ability to advance through these milestones, while remaining local.

Many individuals can find it difficult to remain on their doorstep, down to pre-existing associations with drugs and alcohol. If you currently link certain people, places, emotions or your everyday routine with drug and alcohol abuse, there will be a strong likelihood that residential rehab, at a far, will be recommended.

This will protect you from those associations and the distractions they can present throughout the important steps of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Some individuals will thrive through localised recovery. Yet, this will usually be those with minimal associations to drugs and alcohol. If this is you, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Colwyn Bay may be your next best step.


What to expect from residential rehab?

At Cassiobury Court, we offer a residential rehab service, based in Watford. Understandably, this may influence initial anxieties for you, with the thought of leaving Colwyn Bay for around 4 weeks’ time.

However, knowing what to expect from residential rehab can increase your acceptance, helping you benefit from the ideal environment to recover from.

Residential rehab is where you’ll reside from your selected drug and alcohol rehab clinic. You’ll have your own dedicated programme to follow, your own privacy and dedicated space and you’ll be supported on a 24/7 basis.

Through residential rehab, you can benefit from the time and guidance to complete intensive addiction treatment options, along with having access to services which promote all-round physical and psychological health.

Yet, the greatest benefit is that you can remove yourself from your current associations back in Colwyn Bay, providing greater focus and concentration on your long-term, recovery capabilities.


Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation services at Cassiobury Court

Residential rehab is fully accessible here at Cassiobury Court, along with the expected benefits shared above. By stepping outside of your comfort zone, and accepting professional addiction support, you can overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.

Spend some time considering all of your recovery options, rather than setting yourself up for visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Colwyn Bay. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you’ll visit the most effective form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, for your needs.

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