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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Gloucester

Drug and Alcohol Rehab GloucesterWe all know what the Gloucester, Cheltenham and Cotswolds areas are famous for. Despite the high standard of living there, drug and alcohol addiction remains a problem there too. It seems there’s nowhere in the United Kingdom that addiction isn’t starting to become a major health issue – that includes the South West.

To combat that, we have a drug and alcohol rehab centre with easy access to Gloucester. At Cassiobury Court, we understand better than anybody else the current addiction crisis the United Kingdom is facing.

More and more families are falling apart with the pressure of addiction. Those suffering from the addiction are losing track of their days, their finances and their health. Helpless loved ones can only watch the illness take over completely.

But there is a solution, and our residential drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester can help. With our help, anybody suffering from addiction can make a full and complete recovery. Our rehab facility has been designed for your comfort. Medical professionals, with years of experience, are all available to help you with a personalised and highly effective treatment plan.

And yet, we know it isn’t always as easy as that. Reaching out for help can be the most difficult part of any addiction. Let’s have a closer look at admitting there’s a problem, and why rehab is the answer. We’ll take a look at who suffers the most from addiction and why you must contact our Cassiobury Court drug and alcohol rehab Gloucester service today.


Admitting There’s a Problem

From the outside looking in, it doesn’t seem so hard, does it? Addicts must know there’s a problem, why don’t they fix it? If there are nearby drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester, why would you let your life fall to pieces under the grips of addiction?

Unfortunately, this is a common attitude. Many people in the United Kingdom fail to understand how serious and dangerous addiction can be. For a start, most people don’t even know that addiction is a serious medical illness.

The irony is that most addicts are aware of the problem. In fact, it’s one of the most obvious signs of an addiction. Even though addicts are brutally aware of their addiction to substances, there’s nothing they can do to stop themselves.

That’s because alcohol and drug addictions take over an addict’s brain completely. As the body adjusts to the number of substances it receives, more of it is required to achieve the same high. The chemical balance of the brain becomes unbalanced and the unique reward system is distorted.

If you’re suffering from addiction then your brain will make it very, very difficult for you to come clean. The urges to continue abusing substances will be overwhelming and almost impossible to ignore.

Even when you know there are support groups and a recovery programme that is perfect for you, you struggle to accept it. This is because your brain only wants to consume more of what makes it ‘feel good’.

Admitting there’s a problem isn’t easy. But it’s an essential first step on the road to recovery from any addiction.


Why Drug and Alcohol Rehab Gloucester is the Answer

For many people suffering from this demoralising illness, help comes from others. Loved ones and family members, watching you lose control of your health with addiction, will plead with you to seek help. For other addicts, the moment of realisation comes when they reach ‘rock bottom’. This is a common term for a moment of complete and utter despair, where things cannot possibly get worse.

No matter how long you’ve been suffering from addiction, residential rehab is the answer. Other forms of rehab are proven to be less effective. By checking in to a rehab facility, you’ll have round-the-clock care and support.

Every patient that walks through the doors of a Cassiobury Court treatment centre will do so with a personalised, completely unique treatment plan. Your illness is not the same as any other, why should your treatment be? We’ll listen carefully to your symptoms and perform a full medical examination. Once we’ve analysed your illness, we’ll discuss your treatment options with you before deciding on an effective rehab strategy.

Support groups, therapy sessions, and workshops with other patients will form an important part of your time in rehab. Our methods also make use of cognitive behavioural therapy. You’ll come to understand your addiction in a better way. After spending time with our therapists, you’ll know what caused you to become addicted in the first place.

Not only that, you’ll understand which triggers used to make you reach for substance. For many patients, this understanding is a revelation. Feelings of stress, anxiety and difficult emotional traumas are often smothered with drugs and alcohol. After your time at our rehab facility, you’ll understand how to deal with those difficult moments in a healthier way.

But when you leave our rehab facility, it isn’t goodbye for good. We’ll check up on you regularly. You’ll also have a comprehensive aftercare plan which helps make sure you don’t return to the bad habits of the past.


Contact Our Cassiobury Court Team Today

You are not alone in your battle against addiction. We can help you get back the quality of life that you truly deserve. We urge you to admit that there’s a problem and accept that your illness requires professional help available at a rehab facility.

You might be frightened to admit there’s a problem, but that’s okay. We’re here to help you from the moment you get in touch. Our drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester is closer to home than you may believe.

Please, call our team today on 0800 001 4070. Alternatively, text HELP to 83222 and we can get in touch with you instead. Like everybody else, you deserve the chance of a full recovery from this horrendous illness. With our care and support, you’ll have the best odds of making one.

Get in touch with our team about drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester today and take back control of your life. It could be the most important call you ever make.

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