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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Guernsey

Across Guernsey, an increase in the number of individuals referred to drug and alcohol rehabs for opiate dependency has been observed in the last two years.

If you have become dependent on drugs, we would urge you to seek support from a drug and alcohol rehab in Guernsey.

If you have struggled to obtain help from a drug and alcohol rehab in Guernsey or would prefer to undergo treatment elsewhere, at Cassiobury Court, we can assist you.

We offer a wide array of treatments that can help you live a substance-free life. We also have the tools and expertise required to help minimise the impact that a mental health disorder has on an individual’s life.


Treatment Provided at Cassiobury Court

At Cassiobury Court, we welcome individuals from all corners of the United Kingdom to take advantage of the treatment programmes we provide at our residential rehab.

Although it is common for individuals requiring treatment to attend a drug and alcohol rehab close to home, we have seen a greater demand for residential rehab due to the benefits afforded.

In addition to providing a safe and secure location for individuals battling addictions to overcome their struggles, at Cassiobury Court, we offer customised treatment programmes to those in need.

With this in mind, should you decide to attend our residential rehab, you can be confident that the treatment you are provided with will ensure that you can make a long-term recovery.

While the treatment you receive will be determined based on your pre-admission assessment, we understand that you will want to gain an understanding of the treatment you may be subject to.

As a result, we have outlined what each stage of our treatment programmes typically consist of below.



As you commence your treatment at Cassiobury Court, the first stage of your bespoke programme will consist of detoxification. The detoxification process is typically medically induced and will ensure that you can safely withdraw from the substance that you have become addicted to.

As you progress through your detoxification treatment, you will have around the clock care to ensure that you are comfortable at all times. You will also be provided with one-to-one therapy to ensure that you can voice how you feel.

Detoxification usually spans seven days. However, the severity of your addiction will determine just how long you will need to undergo the detoxification process for.



Having completed the detoxification stage of your treatment programme, you will move onto rehabilitation. Rehabilitation will enable you to come to terms with your addiction, understand the factors that have contributed and consider the implications your addiction has had on your life through the employment of psychological and well-being therapies.

Furthermore, rehabilitation will support you as you develop coping strategies to mitigate the likelihood of returning to old ways and relapsing.

Although the therapy that is recommended to you as you progress through the rehabilitation stage of your treatment programme will be determined based on your bespoke recovery needs, you are likely to experience one-to-one and group therapy sessions.

Unlike detoxification, it is somewhat difficult to determine how long the rehabilitation stage of your recovery programme will take to complete. Although we understand that you will want to try and comprehend how long you will be required to stay in rehab for, we would ask you to consider that recovery from an addiction is a life-long commitment that cannot be rushed.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Mental health disorders and addictions sadly come hand in hand. Although there is a plethora of support available for those suffering from mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, many individuals will instead turn to substances such as drugs and alcohol to relieve themselves of pessimistic thoughts and negative feelings.

If you have turned to drugs or alcohol to soothe a mental health disorder, you will likely require dual diagnosis treatment. At Cassiobury Court, our dual diagnosis treatment sees our traditional therapies combined with non-traditional therapies.

Integrating these treatments will allow you to overcome your addiction and provide you with additional support to help ease and alleviate your mental health disorder.


Aftercare Support

As you complete your treatment programme and successfully overcome your addiction, the thought of returning home may seem somewhat daunting.

Although you will likely be excited at the prospect of being reunited with your loved ones, you may feel apprehensive when it comes to facing your daily routine. You may even worry that you will relapse without the around the clock care that our rehab provides.

Although we are unable to provide around the clock care as you return home, we will provide you with 12 months of free aftercare support to ensure that you remain sober.

Just like our treatment recovery programmes are personalised to your needs, your aftercare support will be too. Before leaving our rehabilitation centre, your recovery team will work with you to create your aftercare plan.

This plan will take into consideration the factors that contributed to your addiction, any triggers, your profession, your economic means, your family situation and your social life. In turn, coping strategies will be outlined to help you navigate any challenges you may face.

In addition to providing you with an aftercare support plan, you will also be provided with an aftercare support team. Your aftercare support team will consist of medical staff and recovery volunteers and will be on hand to talk to you and offer guidance over the phone, or in person, throughout the first 12 months of your recovery.


Seeking Support from Cassiobury Court

If you have searched high and low for a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Guernsey, but have found yourself placed on a lengthy waiting list, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Likewise, if you have attempted to obtain support from a drug and alcohol rehab in Guernsey, but have been unable to locate a suitable rehab, please reach out to us.

At Cassiobury Court, we can provide you with immediate support that will help you overcome your addiction.

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