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Undertaking rehab in a different country, such as Spain, in unfamiliar surroundings and a new environment can help improve chances of a full recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Spain
Alcohol Rehab Centres in Spain

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Alcohol Rehab Spain

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A holistic approach to addiction, a top class Alcohol Rehab Spain centre, located on the beautiful Costa Blanca coast.

The Step One Recovery centre is a luxurious addiction Alcohol and drug Rehab Spain centre on the Costa Blanca. It offers a number of residential programmes with a focus on healing your body and mind from addictive behaviours using an evidence-based holistic approach. Choose from a 7, 14 or 28-day stay, or if your time is very limited, we will accommodate you for a shorter period. During your time with us and beyond, we are dedicated to helping you achieve manageable, but significant goals.

With a hand-picked team of experienced doctors, nurses, counsellors and therapists, who are highly respected in their industry, and committed to providing their clients with the very best care and support, the Step One Recovery programme is extremely effective at breaking the addiction cycle for good.

Treatment is tailored to the individual client to ensure the best chances of recovery, but gaining an understanding of theprogramme and learning new therapeutic coping strategies are key to the success of Step One clients. You will experience structured days, during which you will be introduced to a large variety of different therapeutic and spiritual activities.

We appreciate that once you leave the Alcohol Rehab Spain centre, your recovery will not be complete. This is why you will be provided with an extensive aftercare package, that will ensure you can speak to counsellors and staff members, whenever you feel it is necessary. We will continue to work closely with us after you leave Spain, to ensure you have the support you need to prevent a relapse. Physically removing yourself from everyday destructive habits can aid your recovery.

The Step One Alcohol Rehab Spain centre has been designed to take advantage of the natural light and sea breezes that stem from the sparkling ocean below. From the window, you can see the Balearic Islands and from within, you will be encouraged to get fitter and healthier through good nutrition and exercise. Our chef will prepare delicious meals for you using fresh ingredients while our expert team of staff will prepare you for a new life, without addition, during your stay.

Here at Step One, we want you to focus solely on your recovery. This is why we have provided luxury private bedroom suites, sub tropical gardens and a relaxing atmosphere, far from the intrusions and personal challenges of your everyday life. When you ring us, or somebody rings us on your behalf, we will give you an initial assessment over the phone in order to admit you. Once you have been admitted, we will take care of all your travel arrangements from door to door. To begin your journey towards a life free from addiction, please get in touch.

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