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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Lincoln

If you need help from drug and alcohol rehab in Lincoln, Cassiobury Court offers specialist treatment for those suffering with alcohol and drug addiction. Our rehab centres have helped countless people overcome addiction and get their lives back on track.

Drug and alcohol abuse in the UK is a widespread problem that often leads to serious addiction. Addiction is an illness without a simple cure. No matter how many times people ask you to stop, it can feel impossible to do so, or at least stick with sobriety.

If you have tried and failed to give up substances yourself, this doesn’t make you a failure. Quitting alcohol or drugs ‘cold turkey’ is not only difficult, but it can also be extremely dangerous. That’s why medical supervision and professional help is your best chance at getting better.


Are you ready for drug and alcohol rehab?

Knowing you have alcohol and drug addiction problem and admitting it is difficult enough, but the hard part comes from accepting help and committing to working on yourself. This means putting your mind and body through difficult times because it needs to get harder before it gets easier.

Most people who come through our doors have been in denial at some point about whether they need rehab. No one thinks they will ever end up in a rehab centre, but it’s nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, getting help for your drug and alcohol addiction is incredibly brave.


Common signs you’re ready to get rehab help include:

A move away from enjoyment to need – When people first get into substance abuse, they tend to enjoy the effects, it’s what makes you continue to take them. However, this enjoyment inevitably starts to fade away and you’re left with only a need for more. If this sounds familiar, you’ve moved from casual consumption to addiction and need help.

Physical and mental effects health concerns keep appearing – While there will always be side effects to any substance, these side effects can quickly turn into long term health problems. These side effects might be worth it in the short term, but they can lead to serious health problems in the long term. People struggling with mental health problems such as depression or anxiety can find their illnesses become worse when alcohol or drug addiction develops.

Your substance abuse affects other people – Most addicts think there’s no harm done in the beginning, when they can hide their substance abuse under casual drinking or by simply keeping their intake a complete secret. However, when addiction develops, it affects everyone around you. This could cause fractures in your family, friendships and relationships.

You take more risks now – Taking substances may be a risk to begin with, but the more time you spend intoxicated, the more likely you are to engage in further risk-taking behaviour. This could turn into driving under the influence, gambling, impulsive spending or getting yourself in other dangerous situations. Something you may justify as harmless at first could end up with very serious consequences.

Financial and career strain is looking familiar – It’s hard to hold down a job when addiction is the number one priority in your life. Some bosses might be understanding but there will come a point where they can’t keep you employed any longer. Job loss is common in addicts and when paired with the financial burden of feeding an addiction, can lead to  huge problems.


Do any of these signs look familiar to you? Could you see them developing in the future? Even if you’re in the early stages of addiction, many of the above become inevitabilities for the future. Addiction treatment is the best way forward, no matter where you are in your addiction.


How can inpatient treatment in rehab help you get better?

If you know you need to get better, you may be wondering whether rehab addiction treatment is the answer. You might try to quit the substance on your own, or even with the help of others. However, it’s often not that simple or easy.

The main problem is that if you’re in a familiar environment, it becomes easy to relapse. There are triggers and easy access to your substance of choice.

The best way to get addiction treatment is to remove yourself from your typical environment, triggers and temptations. Rehab is a great way to do this because it allows you to shut yourself away from your usual life, to work solely on your health and addiction in a safe space.

While in rehab, you have the help and experience of professional addiction specialists and high quality medical care on hand. This means you will be closely monitored and your comfort eased where possible when you go through withdrawal.

The aim of rehab is to help you get clean, but also to prepare you for life outside rehab. We will give you the tips and tools to help maintain the sobriety you have worked hard for. This will involve working with you to understand the reasons behind your addiction, identifying triggers and also making changes to your life to help you avoid relapse.


What does rehab treatment look like?

First of all, our residents start with a full detox of all the harmful substances in their body. This is an important stage for everyone because you need to be clean and clear-minded for the treatment.

Detox can be unpleasant and you will likely experience withdrawal symptoms. Our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure your experience is successful and you are comfortable during your stay.

The next stage is the therapy itself which will consist of behavioural therapy sessions, group therapy from our support groups and activities to keep you positive and occupied. We will help you develop more positive behaviours which will give you something to turn to when temptation strikes in life outside rehab.

Once you’re ready to leave rehab, we will help you with our aftercare program and will direct you to support groups in your local area so you can continue to get help.


Why choose Cassiobury Court?

Cassiobury Court’s drug and alcohol rehab in Lincoln is just one of the rehab clinics we have. Our aim is that no one should have to travel too far to get the help they need. That’s why we are happy to arrange transportation for those in Lincoln or in the surrounding areas to our treatment centre.

The first step is to get in touch with our team on 0800 001 4070 or by texting HELP to 83222. Our team will happily discuss your next steps and offer a free consultation. We can then get you booked in so you can finally start your road to recovery.

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