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Do you consume drugs or alcohol to help you mitigate stress or manage a mental health disorder? Have you recently come to realise that you have become reliant on substances?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Motherwell

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Motherwell

If you consume drugs or alcohol to combat stress and find yourself reliant on substances, your life may have become impaired by a drug or alcohol addiction.  As a result, you must secure treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Motherwell.

Located just a short distance from Glasgow, Motherwell boasts various centres that can help you overcome your drug or alcohol addiction.  However, if, like many others, you would prefer to attend a rehab elsewhere for addiction treatment, we can support you at Cassiobury Court.

By combining industry-leading treatments with comfortable facilities and a serene location, our residential rehab acts as a home away from home for individuals who require addiction treatment.

What Treatment Will I Need To Complete During My Time In Rehab?

At Cassiobury Court, we create bespoke treatment programmes for each individual that enters our centre for treatment.  As a result, the treatment you complete during your time in our rehabilitation centre will depend on several factors.

As your treatment programme will be created with your addiction and recovery needs in mind, we will need to consider the severity of your addiction, the substance you have become addicted to, your physical health and your psychological health to determine the treatment you require.

Upon reviewing the factors outlined above, we will discuss suitable treatment options with you to ensure that you understand the treatment we believe will help you overcome your addiction.

Usually, our treatment programmes consist of detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare support.

Detoxification will ensure that you can safely withdraw from the substance that you have become addicted to.  In contrast, rehabilitation will see you undergo various therapies.

Unlike detoxification and rehabilitation, aftercare support is provided upon completing a rehabilitation programme.  This is offered on an outpatient basis and will see you invited to attend weekly group therapy sessions at our centre.

Please note that if you attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Motherwell, the treatment offered will likely differ from our treatment.

Why Is Therapy Incorporated Into Rehabilitation Treatment?

As you turn your thoughts to the treatment you may be subject to at our rehabilitation centre, you may question why therapy is incorporated into rehabilitation treatment.

For many, the thought of undergoing therapy is somewhat daunting.  However, at Cassiobury Court, we believe that this is because of the many misconceptions and stigmas surrounding therapy.

The media, for example, often portrays therapy to be gruelling, challenging and complex, when in fact, therapy at our rehabilitation centre is quite the opposite.  Therapy at our centre focuses on helping you overcome the factors that have caused your addiction to arise.

Therapy will also provide you with a safe space to voice your thoughts and concerns.  You will also have the opportunity to work with recovery specialists during therapy to ensure that you can manage any triggers, stress or pressures that could compromise your recovery.

Why Is Group Therapy Necessary?

Just as one-to-one therapy plays a vital part in your recovery, group therapy will too.  However, you may wonder why group therapy is necessary.  You may even be hesitant about participating in group therapy.

While we understand that group therapy may cause you to feel uneasy, group therapy will contribute to your long-term recovery. It will also allow you to meet others that are recovering from an addiction.

Although you may not think this is important, you will soon realise that group therapy offers you a significant amount of support during your time in our centre.

Furthermore, group therapy will offer you a wealth of inspiration and motivation, especially as you listen to other people’s addiction and recovery stories.

Why Does Cassiobury Court Provide Aftercare Support?

At Cassiobury Court, we know that attending rehab for treatment is just the first step in your addiction recovery.  Although you will leave rehab equipped with the tools and skills that will help you make a long-term recovery, as you leave our centre, you will once again come face-to-face with factors that could cause you to relapse.

As a result, we provide 12-months of free aftercare support to ensure that you have continuous support as you return home and settle back into your everyday life.

As touched on above, our aftercare support will see you invited to our centre once a week for group therapy.  These sessions will encourage you to share any problems you have had to overcome and discuss your recovery.

If, due to your location, you would prefer to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Motherwell for aftercare support, we can help you arrange this.

Your Time At Cassiobury Court Will Help You Rest and Recuperate From The Ramifications Of Your Addiction

Should you decide to attend our residential rehab instead of a drug and alcohol rehab in Motherwell, as you enter our centre, you will soon come to realise that we go above and beyond to ensure that you have everything you need as you progress through addiction treatment.

Not only will you have the opportunity to relax and recuperate in our peaceful surroundings, shared communal spaces and private bedrooms, but you will find that we take care of everything during your stay with us.

For example, we have an on-site chef on hand to prepare all of your meals for you.  We also provide laundry services.

Securing Treatment At Cassiobury Court

If you are ready to secure treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction from Motherwell or other nearby regions such as Hamilton, we welcome you to contact us today.

In doing so, our admissions team will be able to conduct a pre-admissions assessment via telephone.  This assessment will take no more than 30-minutes and will enable our team to understand your addiction.  From here, our admissions team will discuss all of our treatment options with you.

If you are happy with the information provided, our admissions team will put forward an admissions date for you to commence treatment.

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