We have treatment centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Newport

If you are based in Newport, consider a short relocation to our rehab facility here in London. We offer a rehab programme for individuals suffering with alcohol abuse and drug dependencies, fully designed to promote a future of sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newport

Seek drug and alcohol support through our rehab centre

Are you or a loved one suffering through a life controlled by drug and alcohol consumption? Living with any form of addiction can be difficult. The constant battle between consumption and withdrawal symptoms. The negative effects experienced physically and mentally. Not to mention the inability to maintain a quality life. If substance abuse is a daily occurrence for you, or is becoming a consistent trend, seeking addiction treatment through a rehab programme should be the priority.

No matter whether your addiction is short or long-term, is a daily, weekly or monthly occurrence, or has a variety of side effects on your life, the sooner you seek expert support, the better. There’s no quick fix to an addiction. It takes time, effort and a wide range of treatments to fully overcome a chronic dependency. However, with the right support, care and addiction treatment, full recovery is highly probable.

If you are based in Newport, consider a short relocation to our rehab facility in London. We offer a rehab programme for individuals suffering with alcohol abuse and drug dependencies, fully designed to promote a future of sobriety. We can’t promise that the process will be straightforward; however, we can promise that it will bring a significant return on your investment of energy and time.

For many individuals, the thought of relocation is daunting. However, for a greater probability of recovery, moving away from your daily local influences is vital. You may have already attempted to overcome your addiction at a number of rehabs in Newport. If so, well done for taking that initial step. However, we are sure you’re now feeling that recovery is impossible. Here at Cassiobury Court rehab centre, we make recovery possible with our unique offering. See below how our industry-leading drug and alcohol addiction treatments can support you through this difficult time.


Addiction treatments available to Newport locals

Here at Cassiobury Court, we believe in promoting a holistic approach to addiction treatment. In small, this means we like to ensure each connection you have with drugs and alcohol is diminished. For some individuals, a greater connection psychologically is present, with linked mental health disorders. For others, physical cravings may have a significant effect on consumption.

On your initial admissions assessment, our addiction counsellors will require further detail regarding your addiction history. This step will allow for appropriate addiction treatment to be recommended moving forward. As there’s no ‘one fits all’ approach, you will then receive a personalised guide, including a range of treatment services.

Treatment options you will be provided with include a range of psychological, well-being and social therapies. This will ensure that each area of your being is slowly disconnecting from drug and alcohol consumption. We believe in combining a number of different methods to build up strength within your mind, body and soul.

You will receive addiction treatments such as support groups, cognitive behavioural therapy, meditation sessions, family and group therapy, and fitness classes. Throughout your journey, set treatments will have a significant impact on your recovery, helping you slowly break down your barriers. Each step you take through your rehab treatment programme will move you closer to long-term recovery.

To ensure you remain on track, prepared to return home to Newport, continuous assessments will be made by our expert team. These assessments will help to guide the route of treatment, the length of your rehab stay, and the steps required post rehab. Please be aware that we cannot provide a set timeframe from your initial enquiry to release. However, the average client will usually experience a rehab programme for up to 28 days to ensure that treatment is worthwhile. We will continue to observe your recovery period throughout your rehab journey here at Cassiobury Court.

Post rehab, you will also be offered outpatient addiction treatment. This will ensure that you are following your long-term recovery plan, whilst remaining motivated to live a sober life. We will additionally prepare you for the return home by providing you with healthy coping mechanisms. These coping mechanisms will also be communicated to your immediate support network to ensure a plan is in place if any future drug and alcohol relapses occur. Aftercare services are free for all clients for the first 12 months post rehab, ensuring your transition back into usual life is smooth. To seek support post rehab, contact our compassionate team today. We are here for you through this important time of change.

The Types of Therapies Provided During Treatment

Our approach to addiction therapies at Cassiobury Court is tailored to the individual seeking help. We recognise that addiction is a deeply personal experience, and each person’s root cause or triggers may differ.

We offer personalised treatment programmes, which include a tailored selection of evidence-based therapies. This is so we can give our patients the tools, guidance and support required to achieve long-lasting recovery.

  • Treatments provided typically include (but are not limited to):
  • One-on-one counselling.
  • Comprehensive wellbeing programmes.
  • Group therapy sessions.
  • Holistic and creative therapy sessions.
  • Emotional regulation
  • Coping strategies.
  • Mindfulness.

Contact our team today!

If you are based in Newport and believe that relocating for a short period of rehab will benefit you, contact our expert team today. We are passionate about helping those with a drug and alcohol addiction overcome their dependencies and return home with a fresh perspective.

Our addiction specialists have expertise and experience in handheld service. They each have the knowledge and skills to guide individuals like you to long-term recovery. We have carefully hand-picked our team to ensure that mutual values are consistent across our Cassiobury Court drug offering.

Each of our staff members are compassionate, following a nurturing approach to ensure you feel supported and cared for through this difficult time. Please be reassured that our team are non-judgemental and will ensure confidentiality is maintained throughout. We believe in providing a home-from-home for you, while you relocate for this short period of rehab. We believe that our community feel, and social therapies will support you through this challenging time.

Enquire now about drug and alcohol rehab in Wales and discuss how our addiction treatments can benefit you or a loved one today, by speaking with our admissions team. We also cover various areas near Newport, including Cardiff, St. Mellons, Pontypool, Usk, Risca and Magor.

Return home to Newport armed with life-saving tools to help you maintain a future without drugs and alcohol. Our private, luxury rehab centre will ensure you are prepared to live a future without your current dependency. Change your future by taking the first step today by investing in your personal wellbeing. Any form of addiction shouldn’t be ignored. Reduce damage by seeking medical support today.

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