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Drug and Alcohol Rehab South Shields

Are you currently living with a drug or alcohol addiction in South Shields? If so, you don’t have to suffer alone. We are here to help you reach your recovery goals. We are experts in helping individuals who are suffering from addictions reach their ultimate goals of a life that is substance-free.

We understand what you’re going through, and we can offer you the best advice. Why not give us a call today on 01923 369 161 to start your recovery journey.


The Importance of Detoxing

Detoxing means that you will begin your treatment program with full focus on abstinence. A detox will complete remove the traces of harmful substances in your body so that you are ready to make a full recovery and go on with a life that is not controlled by alcohol or drugs.

Rehab offers a team of medical experts who are always on hand to help you through your detox stage. Detoxing yourself can be extremely dangerous. You will experience a lot of negative side effects that can sometimes cause a lot of damage if not dealt with in the correct manner.

When you choose to detox in rehab, you know that you are choosing the safest environment possible to do it in.


What Are the Benefits of Attending a Residential Rehab Centre?

If you are at all worried or anxious about attending a residential rehab, then it is important that you know that rehab offers a supportive and safe environment in which you can make a full recovery.

Rehab centres put their patients first always and will do everything they can to make you feel as comfortable as possible while in their care. Being away from your daily habits and influences is extremely beneficial for your long term recovery, as you can avoid all of the triggers that usually feed your addiction.

You will benefit from around the clock care and support in a home-like environment where your comfort is always prioritised. The staff in a rehab centre will completely understand that it can be very daunting to be away from home, especially if your friends and family are all part of your support network.

To make this easier, a rehab centre will usually offer family therapy sessions and additional support for family members. This ensures that everyone is up to date on how your doing, and everyone knows how to best deal with your addiction.

Addictions can be extremely difficult to overcome on your own. The detox process during your recovery can be extremely difficult and dangerous if completed at home without the supervision needed. Attending a rehab centre ensures that you are safe and secure at all times and you will always have access to help when you need it most

Rehab offers a personalised program that is designed just for you. The staff in rehab will look at the type and severity of the addiction that you have and they will design a rehab program that is unique to you to ensure the best rate of success.


What Are the Treatments in Rehab Like?

There are a number of different types of treatment in a rehab recovery program and these are designed to not only to help you detox from the substance you’re addicted to, but also to help you maintain your sobriety after you leave the rehab setting.

You will always have to go through an initial detox period when attending rehab. This stage of the recovery completely cleanses the body of any substances so that you’re ready for making the next steps into a life of sobriety.

However, this stage can be very unpleasant because you will experience withdrawal symptoms. Everyone experiences withdrawal in a different way. The staff in a rehab centre are trained to deal with all of the effects of withdrawal and they are on had to help you with this stage 24/7.

Once you have completed the detox stage, you will then go on to further treatments which usually include some types of therapies. You’ll work closely with professional counsellors on a one to one or group basis.

The professionals in rehab are well trained and highly experienced in helping people who have a wide range of addiction problems. The therapy sessions that you receive aim to highlight the reasons behind your addiction and how you can avoid going down the same destructive path again in the future.

You will also learn the best strategies to help you moving forward so that you can avoid any chances of relapse.

During your group therapy sessions, you will be encouraged to share your stories with the group and everyone is encouraging to support each other with their struggles.

This may seem quite intimidating at first, however, it is a great way for you to build strong relationships with other people who are in the same or similar positions to you. This allows you to create a solid support foundation. Making friends in rehab is great because these are people who share your same experiences and goals.

You will also be encouraged to take part in a lot of social activities with the other residents in rehab. Your health and well-being is always the top priority in a rehab centre and so you will be provided with fun leisurely activities to help keep your physical and mental health strong during your recovery.

You’ll have down time too to allows you to socialise and do the things you enjoy on a daily basis.


Are you Looking for a Drug or Alcohol Rehab in South Shields?

If you are at a stage where you feel like you want to get help for your addiction to drugs or alcohol, then there is no better time to reach out for support than right now. We are here to help you reach your recovery goals and stick to them for good. Give us a call today on 01923 369 161 to get started with your addiction recovery.

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