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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stockton on Tees

Are you struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol? If you find that your health is at risk, your relationships are taking a downward turn, your job is being affected, or your overall wellbeing is declining due to substance abuse, then it is time now for you to get the help that you need.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been struggling with addiction; rehab is there to help you recover. Even if you feel like you’re not ready for rehab, we can assure you that you are.

The simple fact that you are here seeking out information about a drug or alcohol rehab in Stockton on Tees just shows that you’re in the right mind set to start your journey towards recovery.


Is Rehab Effective with Treating Drug and Alcohol Addictions?

There are a few different methods of treating drug or alcohol addictions. You may think that you can do it alone by simply stopping taking the substance that you’re addicted to, however, this can cause a lot of problems and your chances of relapsing are extremely high.

Rehab has the benefit of placing you in a comfortable and home-like environment where you are surrounded by supportive people who share and support your goals. This is an environment free form the triggers that may surround you in your current living environment.

In your initial detox stages, it is important to be surrounded by support when you need it. Withdrawal symptoms can cause a lot of distress and can be very uncomfortable or even dangerous. This is why you should never try to detox alone. Rehab offers everything you need to safely detox from the substance that you’re addicted to.

Private rehab treatment provides you with the support and treatments you need to overcome your addiction for good and achieve recovery in Stockton on Tees. Residential treatments are intensive and varied, meaning you receive a well-rounded recovery.

Treatments such as CBT and other talking therapies are extremely beneficial in treating addiction and achieve higher long-term recovery rates than outpatient rehab treatment.


What is it Like in a Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

A drug and alcohol rehab is an environment which is both professional and luxurious. You’ll have a safe and secure place to live during your recovery period.

You’ll be surrounded by other addicts with whom you can share your thoughts and experiences with. These are people who are in a very similar situation as you are, so they will full understand where you are coming from.

You’ll also be surrounded by experienced, trained, and supportive staff who are there to help you every step of the way.

Rehab offers you the opportunity to participate in a number of different activities during your leisure time. These can be done with other residents, so you’ll be able to socialise during your recovery too.

You’ll be encouraged to make yourself at home while in the rehab centre. To make your time more special, you can take personal items with you so that you can really make your room feel like home while you’re there.

Although you will be away from your home in Stockton on Tees, your time in rehab will be homely and supportive so you are ready to return home.

Meet the Team

The recovery team at Cassiobury Court are all experts at what we do. From medical professionals to recovery support workers, the team at Cassiobury have the medical expertise and experience to help you recover from substance addiction for good. Find out more about our team members here.

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What Type of Addiction Treatment Does Rehab Offer?

Rehab offers a number of different treatment options which are designed to not only help you detox from the substance you’re addicted to, but also maintain your sobriety after you leave the rehab setting.

You’ll always have to go through an initial detox period when attending rehab. This completely cleanses the body of any substances. However, this stage can be quite unpleasant due to withdrawal symptoms.

The staff in the rehab centre are trained to deal with all of the effects of withdrawal and they are on had to help you with this stage one a 24-hour basis, every day of the week.

You will then go on to further treatments which usually include therapies. You’ll work with professional counsellors on a one to one or group basis. These professionals are well trained and highly experienced in helping people who have a wide range of addiction problems.

The therapy sessions you receive aim to highlight the reasons behind your addiction and how you can avoid going down the same destructive path again in the future. You’ll also learn the best strategies to help you with moving forward.

During group therapy sessions, residents are encouraged to share their stories with the group and support each other with their struggles. This may seem intimidating at first, however, it is a great way for you to build strong relationships with other people who are in the same or similar positions to you. This allows you to create a solid support foundation.

Other treatment therapies include cognitive behavioural therapy, individual therapies, art therapy, motivational interviewing and aftercare sessions.

You will also be encouraged to take part in a lot of sociable activities with the other residents. Your well-being is always the top priority in a rehab centre and so you will be provided with fun leisurely activities to help keep your physical and mental health strong during your recovery.


Drug and Alcohol Detox

The first step of your rehab treatment programme is the drug or alcohol detox. Our detox programme starts as soon as you enter our rehab centre and involves a withdrawal from either drugs or alcohol.

We have a detox wing in our rehab centre to ensure that you receive privacy and quiet during this tricky process. Our medical detox ensures that the treatment programme is as safe as possible, and that all withdrawal symptoms are managed appropriately.

Common withdrawal symptoms include nausea, insomnia, depression, cravings, headaches, muscle aches, and sweating. The detox process typically lasts around 5 days, during which you will receive around the clock support and care.

Our medical professionals can prescribe prescription medications to help you manage your withdrawal, making the process as easy as possible. Although detox is often considered to be the hardest phase of addiction recovery, this is a key part of it as it kickstarts your sobriety.

Many of our recovery workers have overcome addiction themselves so they are very understanding of your experiences and know what to expect during the detox. This makes the entire process easier for you, and you can be assured that you are surrounded by understanding and empathetic staff and peers.

To learn more about our alcohol and drug detox programme, contact us today. Your recovery process starts here.


Addiction and Mental Health

There is a common link between addictions and mental health problems. For this reason, most rehab centres offer mental health treatments alongside the addiction treatment.

Some common mental health problems that are often addressed at a rehab centre include depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and hypomania.

Many people who suffer with these types of mental illnesses will use drugs or alcohol as a way of self medicating in order to help with the symptoms of these underlying mental health problems. Rehab treatment will help to focus on these underlying issues and will help you to come up with new, better coping strategies that don’t involve the use of alcohol or drugs.

People who use drugs or alcohol to deal with their mental health problems often find that they end up going on a downward spiral. This can be very damaging as it can actually worsen the underlying mental health problem, while also adding other physical and mental problems to the mix.

We offer dual diagnosis treatment to treat residents who suffer from both drug or alcohol addiction and mental health issues. This provides you with the best opportunity to achieve long term recovery if you address both your mental and physical health.

Dual diagnosis treatment involves a blend of addiction therapies with mental health treatments that focus on your mental health condition. By treating both your psychological and physical issues, you will be much more likely to achieve a recovery that is long lasting and avoid relapse once you return home from rehab.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Stockton on Tees

If you are looking for a drug or alcohol rehab in Stockton on Tees, then please do get in touch with us today and we can help you make those all important first steps towards your journey to recovery. Choosing to attend a rehab is your best option for creating a new, happy, and healthy life free from drugs or alcohol.

Admission to our residential rehab is quick and easy so you can access treatment and recover as fast as possible. The admissions process involves a telephone consultation with a member of our team who will discuss your addiction history, any mental health conditions you have, your age, location and needs, as well as concerns you may have.

Once this has been discussed, you will then be asked to pay a deposit to secure your room. You will then be admitted to our rehab centre as soon as possible and start your detox and therapy treatments.

To start rehab treatment, all you need to do is phone on 0800 001 4070. Our admissions team will guide your through the admissions process and kickstart your recovery journey as quickly as possible.

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