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At Cassiobury Court, we have a world-class drug and alcohol rehab centre which could be the answer to your substance abuse issues in the Wellingborough area. Many people suffering from addiction ignore the benefits of private rehab and instead turn to our free healthcare system for a solution. Sadly, they’re normally let down by a system which is stretched beyond its limits. Underfunded and unable to offer an effective treatment service to users in need of care support, the NHS has to turn away vulnerable people.

Whether you’re in need of drug or alcohol rehab, our team can help. We use only the most advanced therapy solutions to make sure that we offer a long-term and comprehensive treatment package. Our wide range of treatment options means there’s a solution for everybody that walks through our rehab centre doors.

Unfortunately, the number of people suffering from addiction in the United Kingdom is rising. It’s more important now than ever before than we’re aware of the dangers of substance abuse and the treatments which are available to people affected by this horrendous illness. In this article, we’re going to look at the different types of alcohol addiction and different groups of people that commonly abuse alcohol. We’ll clear up some of the common misconceptions about alcohol abuse and show you how alcohol rehab with Cassiobury Court can help you start again.


Different Types of Alcohol Abuse

There are plenty of stereotypes regarding alcohol abuse. First of all, most people will wrongly assume that people who abuse alcohol are alcoholics. Popular media has planted an image of down-and-outs drunk in the dark corner of a bar, but alcohol abuse rarely takes this form.

Alcoholics are dependent on alcohol, and contrary to what’s often depicted in film and media, this is only one specific type of alcohol abuse. In fact, there are known to be three different types of alcohol abuse: binge drinking; alcohol abuse; alcohol dependence.


Alcohol Dependence

We’ve already mentioned the first type of alcohol problem: alcohol dependence. This is often known as alcoholism. People who are dependent on alcohol are some of the users most seriously affected by alcohol abuse.

Alcoholics will begin to have overwhelming cravings for alcohol. There are deep-rooted psychological issues and the body begins to suffer badly from physical symptoms of alcohol dependence. Since their body has developed a tolerance to alcohol, they often drink large quantities in order to feel the effects of alcohol. People who are dependent on alcohol can drink more than 10 drinks in a single session.

This is the most serious form of alcohol abuse and makes rehab essential. Alcoholics need to face the detox phase under the supervision of medical professionals, since going ‘cold turkey’ can actually be fatal. The body is so dependent on alcohol that removing it from the system can cause severe shock.


Binge Drinking

Contrarily, binge drinking is the least serious form of alcohol abuse. Interestingly, this is one of the most common alcohol abuse problems in the United Kingdom. Young people, especially young adults and students, are guilty of binge drinking. Binge drinking is defined as consuming more than 5 alcohol drinks in a single session and concerningly is common practice among students.

Binge drinking, often glorified among social groups, can have serious health consequences. If you binge drink, even on occasion, you could have a drinking problem that you’re refusing to admit. Fail to address it properly, and it could lead to more serious alcohol dependency issues later in life.


Alcohol Abuse

Many people in the United Kingdom have been guilty of having ‘one too many’ on at least one occasion. This is all part of adolescence in the United Kingdom and normally it doesn’t become a normal feature of our adult lives. When it does, it can become symptomatic of alcohol abuse all-too-soon.

You’re likely to be somebody that abuses alcohol if you continue to drink despite being aware of the negative consequences of your actions. You may be struggling with relationship problems, poor work performance and could even be breaking the law (driving while under the influence of alcohol) as a result of alcohol abuse.


Groups of Alcohol Abusers

Hopefully, this shows you that alcohol abuse is a complicated and diverse issue. Not only are there different types of alcohol abuse, but there are also different groups of people that abuse alcohol.

Many people that are dependent on alcohol are young people between the ages of 18 and 25. Young adults will drink less regularly than other groups of alcohol abusers, but when they drink they can consume concerning amounts of alcohol. This group regularly binge drink and might have 14 alcohol drinks at one time. Sadly, this is a drinking habit which isn’t recognised by young people as being particularly dangerous.

Functional alcoholics make up a surprising percentage of all people that abuse alcohol. In fact, roughly 20% of people who are dependent on alcohol are functional alcoholics. This means that they drink regularly (i.e. every other day) and will binge drink on many of those occasions. Functional alcoholics tend to hold down full-time work and have an average age of 41 years, which doesn’t fit the common stereotype that many of us have.


Cassiobury Court Can Help

Alcohol abuse, like drug abuse, can affect anybody. What begins as a bad habit can quickly become a dangerous medical condition that requires private rehab to fully address.

At Cassiobury Court, we offer a complete drug and alcohol rehab service in Wellingborough. We treat each patient individually and make sure that they get the treatment that suits them best. Group sessions, one-on-one therapy, and innovative workshops are all likely to form part of your time with us. Addiction treatment can be a delicate and complex process: our experienced staff recognise that.

Fill in the form below to make the most of our free callback service and discuss your rehab options with our team as part of a confidential consultation. We’re ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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