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Substance misuse is a serious issue throughout the UK but some places have bigger problems than others. In Greater Manchester, for example, the rate of alcohol-specific deaths is 50% higher than the rest of England, while hospital admissions for alcohol-specific conditions are 53% higher. Drug use is also on the rise, with a 74% rise in drug-related deaths in the region over the past 10 years.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wythenshawe

If you are suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs, attending rehab in Wythenshawe could help. These days there is plenty of help available for these issues but not all treatment programmes are equally effective. A Government white paper found that residential treatment at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre was far more effective than purely community-based treatment. That particular study involved people addicted to opiates, but experience has shown that residential rehab places for drugs are also highly effective for alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamines, prescription and other drugs – as well as psychological or behavioural addictions like gambling.


Don’t delay if you need help for drug or alcohol addiction

If you are struggling with addiction in Wythenshawe or elsewhere you should seek professional help as early as possible. Addiction can easily worsen over time as you build up a tolerance to the drug and the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms get progressively worse. Addiction is a disorder that alters your brain chemistry, making it increasingly difficult to fight the compulsion to keep on drinking or taking drugs. The longer you leave an addiction, the harder it will be to break free of it. You should seek help as soon as possible but it’s never too late to take control of your life and addicts can and do break long-standing cycles of substance misuse even after years or decades of addiction.

Another reason to seek help as quickly as possible is that your drinking or drug taking and associated behaviours could be doing untold damage in the meantime. Addiction and substance misuse can have a serious and protracted impact on both your physical and mental health. It can lead to a number of diseases and conditions – some of which could shorten your life. And there is also the looming possibility of sudden death from alcohol or drug poisoning, a related condition such as heart disease or an accident caused by drink or drug impairment.

Addiction can also erode your relationships, causing problems at home, work or school. It makes sense to tackle addiction issues as soon as possible so contact us today to find out how to find the right rehab centre in Wythenshawe or further afield.


Finding the right drug and alcohol rehab in Wythenshawe

There are many drug and alcohol treatment centres available around the country but the best one is always the one that suits your individual needs. You might think that asking a question such as, ‘Where is an alcohol rehab near me?’ is the most you have to think about it, but the truth is these facilities can vary widely. The best one for you might be in your own back yard or it could involve a drive to another area.

We offer an extensive interview and screening process designed to determine your own needs and to make an individually tailored treatment program that has the best chance of letting you quit drink or drugs and affect a long term recovery. This process will include meetings with a specialist doctor who will assess any medication that might be needed to help you through detox, based on your own personal and health history, any existing conditions and the details of your drink or drug use and addiction.


What to expect from rehab

For most people, the first major hurdle is to get the drugs and/or alcohol out of their system. This process is known as detoxification or detox and is always a challenging period. The withdrawal symptoms experienced can vary widely depending on the type of drug involved. Alcohol withdrawal can involve intense physical symptoms such as delirium tremens for example, which can involve shaking, shivering an irregular heartbeat and hallucinations. This can be dangerous and is best managed in a professional detox clinic with medical care on hand if needed. With cocaine, the withdrawal symptoms are predominantly psychological, but that does not make them any easier to deal with.

Once the system has been cleansed of these toxic elements, the treatment service will move on to a more mental or psychological stage. This involves exploring the root causes behind the addiction and substance misuse. People misuse alcohol and drugs and subsequently become addicted for all sorts of reasons. It is very important to explore these reasons and think about the accompanying behaviour, otherwise the recovery is unlikely to last very long at all and the patient is likely to relapse at the earliest opportunity.

Group and individual therapies, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), can be very useful in helping you to build new positive mindsets and ways of thinking about your addiction and substance misuse. This is essential for enabling a lasting and long-term recovery. Many recovering addicts also suffer from a range of mental health issues that could include depression, anxiety and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of their addiction. These can also be addressed by in-house psychologists and psychiatrists, although treatment and work on these issues may extend beyond your stay in a rehab clinic.


How much does rehab cost?

The price of a stay at a rehab clinic can vary considerably. There are exclusive facilities that cater to the famous and wealthy but there are also cheap rehab options that offer comfortable and secure surroundings without the gold tap luxuries. Payment plans are also generally available, making rehab more affordable.

It is useful to think of the outlay as an investment. The cost of not addressing an addiction is invariably higher so contact us today if you think you might need help in this area. Find out more about our prices and the cost of rehab treatment.

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