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Are you tired of letting the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse ruin your life? There is a way to overcome your addiction to alcohol or drugs, and it all starts with one simple phone call or email to our rehab in Yorkshire.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Yorkshire

The latest figures show that the alcohol-specific death rate in Yorkshire and The Humber was 16.7 per 100,000 people. This represents a 20.1% increase. According to data released by Yorkshire Police, drug offences have increased across Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield. This represents all five districts in West Yorkshire, which has also seen an increase of 78.83% in drug-related deaths in the last decade.

These statistics are hard to digest. However, they remind us of the importance of our drug and alcohol rehab Yorkshire clinic and the positive impact we aim to make in the community.

We design bespoke treatment programmes to benefit each client’s specific needs. We’re confident that our dedicated medical team can help you achieve your recovery goals and lead a happier life free from drug or alcohol abuse at our private drug and alcohol rehab clinic.

If you want to recover from alcohol or drug addiction, contact us today at 0800 001 4070 to start your inpatient treatment and achieve long-term recovery in Yorkshire.

Alcohol Rehab Yorkshire. An image of Knaresborough Castle, North Yorkshire, UK.

What is Our Rehabilitation Centre Like?

At Cassiobury Court, we’re very proud to provide evidence-based, industry-leading addiction treatments at our private drug rehab centre. With our personalised and positive approach, we’ve helped countless people end their drug and alcohol substance abuse.

We understand just how nerve-wracking it can be to stay in private rehab clinics with people you don’t know. This is why we put great emphasis on promoting a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment for every person who steps through the door.

With the privacy of your own room and the knowledge of others around you going through a similar situation, you should feel at ease during your stay with us.

There’s only one thing you need to focus on at our rehab in Yorkshire, and that’s achieving a full, long-term recovery. Our excellent recovery team take care of all your housekeeping, and laundry and provides you with daily nutritious meals to aid your recovery. With no distractions from home life, you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to live a life free from drug and alcohol abuse by attending our drug and alcohol rehab centre.


Inpatient vs Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Yorkshire

Yorkshire outpatient rehab is available across the region for people who want to receive addiction treatment in their local area.

Unlike inpatient treatment, you will be in charge of attending recovery meetings and will not have assistance during a medical detox. You will have to seek treatment yourself, which can be particularly hard if you stay in an environment which may make it harder to recover.

Free addiction treatment services available in Yorkshire can be beneficial for people with less severe addictions, a small budget or commitments that require a less intensive form of rehab treatment.

Outpatient treatment can be found in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings across Yorkshire for help with alcohol or drug addictions.

However, this type of addiction treatment is less intensive than inpatient rehab centres, which provide medical professional support and follow a bespoke rehab process. For more information about our rehab programmes or your local drug and alcohol treatment programmes, call us today on 0800 001 4070.

Pros and Cons of Outpatient Rehab

  • Affordable addiction treatment
  • Local recovery in Yorkshire
  • Works around your commitments
  • Less intensive than private treatment
  • Hard to avoid relapse at home
  • Lower long-term recovery rates

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatments We Offer

At Cassiobury Court, our rehab treatment programme consists of leading private addiction treatment and medical detox. You will be supported by a team of medical professionals throughout your recovery journey and will stay at our alcohol and drug rehab for the entirety of the programme.

Detox for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

We generally recommend that most of our clients begin by starting at our detox clinic to remove all the harmful toxins which have resulted from excessive substance abuse. Medical detox is an extremely useful addiction treatment when done in a supervised and safe environment like our rehab in Yorkshire.

If a drug or alcohol detox was attempted at home without the correct supervision, then it has the potential to be extremely dangerous, even fatal if withdrawal symptoms such as delirium tremens or seizures occur.

As you reduce your intake of alcohol or drugs, which you’ve become so dependent on, you’ll begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. Our medical team treat the most severe withdrawal symptoms with medications and support to help you continue the process.

Alcohol and drug detox in our private rehab centre is paired with 24/7 monitoring and detox medication to manage painful withdrawal symptoms if necessary.

Therapy Treatment Programme

Once you’ve completed your drug or alcohol detox, you can move on to your psychological and well-being therapies. These psychological therapies could include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Stress management
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy and counselling
  • Relapse prevention
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy

We offer various evidence-based therapies, including relaxation and sleep management, art therapy, fitness therapy, mindfulness, yoga, and a range of holistic therapies. All of these therapies help you to identify your triggers and recognise the underlying issues which may have caused your drug or alcohol addiction.

Our addiction treatment programmes typically last around 28 days from your admission to our residential rehab, to completing your drug and alcohol treatment. This length of the rehab programme is the recommended duration; however, you may stay with us for less or more time depending on your personal circumstances, your budget and the severity of your drug or alcohol abuse.


Common Addictions We Treat

At our drug and alcohol rehab centre, we can treat a wide variety of addictions. Residential rehab centres such as ours focus on your needs to ensure that you can make a full and long-term recovery.

Some of the common addictions we treat include:

If you have any questions about our rehab programmes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We can discuss rehab funding and any additional needs you may require during treatment.


Cocaine Rehab in Yorkshire

We provide a focused approach for individuals dealing with cocaine addiction. 

Our cocaine detox and rehabilitation programmes are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual, ensuring a practical yet effective treatment pathway. This is because everybody’s experience with cocaine addiction will be different. 

Some may require an intensive approach to psychological treatment, whereas others may need an equally comprehensive approach to help with physical withdrawal. For this reason, patients at our facility receive consistent, around-the-clock care, undergo intensive therapy sessions, and have access to our comprehensive facilities. 


Cannabis Rehab in Yorkshire

Cannabis addiction, though often misunderstood, can lead to significant challenges. 

The misconception that cannabis is entirely harmless can downplay the adverse effects of excessive use. Stopping its use suddenly can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as intense anxiety, physical aches, sweating, insomnia, and, in less common cases, psychosis. 

At Cassiobury Court in Yorkshire, we understand how hard it can be to recover from cannabis addiction fully. We believe a structured treatment approach is the most effective, starting with detoxification, followed by therapy sessions that delve into the psychological aspects of the addiction. With our aftercare plan, we aim to provide ongoing support, helping individuals achieve and maintain sobriety long after their stay at our clinic ends. 


Prescription Drug Rehab in Yorkshire

While prescription drugs offer therapeutic benefits for various health issues, they can sometimes lead to addiction. Prescription opioids, benzodiazepines and stimulants can cause mental and physical reliance, even if someone follows their prescribed dosage as directed. 

At Cassiobury Court, we offer tailored programmes for those struggling with prescription medication addiction. The delicate healing process will most likely begin with a thorough detoxification stage, progress to therapy that delves into the underlying reasons for the addiction and conclude with our aftercare packages. 

These programmes (also known as secondary treatment programmes) are in place to help individuals along their journey as they adapt to life after their treatment.


Alcohol Rehab in Yorkshire

Alcohol addiction often requires an intensive approach to treatment, which is precisely what we provide here at our alcohol rehab Yorkshire clinic. 

Whether you or a loved one suffers from severe alcohol use disorder or have only just developed an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, the risks remain serious if left untreated. Prolonged alcohol use can result in health issues like liver damage and cognitive decline, often leading individuals to neglect all aspects of their lives, including work, family, and relationships with themselves. 

At Cassiobury Court, we offer alcohol addiction treatment programmes that are tailored to the individual. Each treatment plan is personalised, starting with detoxification to manage withdrawal symptoms. This is followed by therapeutic sessions that tackle the psychological factors of addiction. 

Our aftercare plan ensures that individuals have the resources and support they need for long-term sobriety, with resources to support groups and ongoing access to medical professionals also provided.



Do We Offer Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

When someone is suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs and a mental health issue, it requires dual diagnosis treatment. This is a condition that our team are very familiar with and is comfortable in providing the best treatment programme to provide you with success.

Although you might not have heard of dual diagnosis, it’s actually quite common. Around 50% of people who suffer from mental health issues are prone to drug and alcohol addiction.

Our treatments can help you to identify the underlying causes of your drug and alcohol abuse as well as your mental health issues. In some cases, people turn to substance misuse as a way to cope with their mental health issues, or alternatively, their increasing exposure to the severe effects of drug and alcohol addiction has resulted in them developing physical and mental health issues.

Our qualified team are able to guide you out of this vicious cycle by improving your brain health and activity to gain an accurate diagnosis. This will help us to deliver the most effective dual diagnosis treatment for you in our residential rehab clinic.


Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

We continue our support even after you’ve left our rehab in Yorkshire. The first year after completing your addiction treatment is when you’re most likely to relapse. This is because you’re back at home, putting everything you’ve learned during your stay with us into real-life practice, but you are no longer in a structured environment with constant supervision.

We offer all of our clients a free 12-month aftercare programme where you can contact our dedicated helplines whenever you need us, as well as join weekly group support sessions.

Just as your residential addiction treatment was personalised, your aftercare plan will be too. We’re here to help you stay motivated in your recovery, share your achievements and avoid any potential relapses.

Not only do we ensure you have all the support you need to achieve your long-term recovery, but we also give your family and friends the tools they require to support you along your journey.

We also encourage you to seek local outpatient treatment from a local outpatient addiction treatment service in Yorkshire, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Support groups such as these local services provide you with a support network and continue your treatment after your rehab programme has ended.

Our dedicated team will help you every step of the way, ensuring you’re always listened to, respected, and cared for, with your health and well-being paramount. If you have additional questions or would like our friendly team to alleviate any concerns you may have, get in touch with our team today at 0800 001 4070.


Help from Local GPs in Yorkshire

If you’re unsure what to do first, we recommend visiting a local GP to discuss all of the options available to you. See below for several examples of local GPs across the Yorkshire area.

St Martins Practice

St. Martins Surgery, 210 Chapeltown Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 4HZ


Bilton Medical Centre

120 City Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD8 8JT


Yorkshire Street Medical Centre

80 Yorkshire St, Burnley, BB11 3BT


Eastmoor Health Centre

Windhill Rd, Wakefield WF1 4SD


Windsor House Group Practice

Windsor House Surgery, 2 Corporation St, Morley, Leeds LS27 9NB


Kingswood Surgery

Kingswood House, 14 Wetherby Rd, Harrogate HG2 7SA



AA and NA Meetings in Yorkshire

There are many Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings available to attend throughout Yorkshire. These support groups run throughout the day and are also free of charge to attend.

We’ve provided several examples of AA and NA meetings held every week below.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Yorkshire

Leeds City Centre Recovery

Friday 12.45 pm

Wheeler Hall, St Anne’s St, LS2 8BE

Wakefield There Is A Solution

Thursday 19.30 pm.

Hebden Bridge Step Discussion

Wednesday 13.00 pm.

Salem Community Centre, Salem St, off Burnley Rd, HX7 6HB

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Yorkshire

Shipley Monday

Monday 18.45 pm.

Shipley Baptist Church, New KirkgateShipley, West Yorkshire

BD18 3QY

Wrangthorn Spiritual Principle a Day NA Meeting

Wednesday 18:00 pm.

Saint Augustine’s, Wrangthorn, Hyde Park Terrace, Leeds, West Yorkshire


Friday Feelings

Friday 19.30 pm.

Headingley Parish Hall and Youth Centre, St Michael’s Road, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 3AW


Start Treatment at our Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you are looking for a reputable addiction treatment centre, contact our admissions team today on 0800 001 4070. The admissions process to our inpatient rehab centre is quick and easy to enable you to access treatment as soon as possible.

If you are worried about family members who suffer from addiction, we also offer family support programmes and a referral process to help your loved one seek treatment at our residential rehab.

Our drug and alcohol rehab will help you and your loved one overcome your addiction and achieve long-term addiction recovery. Fill out our contact form for more details.


Check out reviews from our previous clients
  • Tim Pullman's profile image
    Tim Pullman
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    When I came in to Cassiobury I was all over the place my life was in chaos caused by me. I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived, I had been in another rehab before. I didn’t have a good experience there unfortunately. At Cassiobury I made the effort to be around everyone and learn, taking part in everything which is the only way to learn. The thing I really love about Cassiobury are staff who are in recovery themselves which is amazing - they point you in the right direction from their own experiences which has made all the difference to me. It’s been massive for me. You know when you are talking to staff they have done it themselves. Every single staff have been brilliant, they have different approaches and which has been the best therapy for me as they understand what I’ve been going through. I felt safe at Cassiobury which gave me a sense of relief and helped me to relax, release my anxieties and fears focusing on what I needed to do - from feeling broken I feel repaired. I cannot fully express what this is done for me. I can’t fault this place from the top to the cleaners. I leave Cassiobury with more understanding about addiction than I’ve ever had. I’ve got the tools I need which gives me the courage to remain sober. My loved one found this place and I’m so grateful that she did! She made a huge effort for me. You will get everything you need if you want it - don’t waste the opportunity. For me Cassiobury court will work for you but you need to work for yourself while you’re there - you won’t regret it.

    Read More

  • Ryan Cook's profile image
    Ryan Cook
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    I have just finished up my treatment at Cassiobury Court which is my 2nd in two years. Initially I had gone for only 2 weeks but did 21 days (28 days is still recommended). The staff was absolutely incredibly; knowledgable, supportive, organised and REAL. Addiction is a serious disease and if you are serious about recovery and want to live a strong, healthier, more spiritual and joyful life - you should admit you are powerlessness and get the support from Cassiobury Court. The programs are incredibly valuable in group settings to hear other like experiences with the addition of private `Step (1-3) work and therapy sessions with professionals. If you are looking at this review, it means you are looking for help. Get here, get sober, find your new life starting at Cassiobury Court.

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  • Michelle P's profile image
    Michelle P
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    I have spent some time at Cassiobury Court over the last 6 months and cannot speak more highly of the experience. I admitted myself for alcohol addiction and was very scared when I arrived and did not have any idea what to expect. The staff could not have been kinder to me. I wanted to leave on day 2 because I was very anxious and out of my comfort zone, but fortunately staff members calmed me down and I ended up staying which I am very glad about. The schedule is very good with group sessions, some one on one sessions and therapy sessions. The food is excellent and the chefs are very accommodating if you wish to have something different. There is a daily trip to the local shop to get any bits you may need. All the staff are amazing, the recovery workers, the management, the chefs and kitchen staff and all that work at Cassiobury are all so caring and it really shows. You have time to get to know the rest of the group and I ended up building close bonds and have kept in contact with many that I met in Cassiobury (and I bump into people I met at meetings outside as well as on the aftercare calls). All in all, if your are considering a treatment centre then I would highly recommend Cassiobury Court, I am very grateful for my time there.

    Read More

  • Martin O's profile image
    Martin O
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    Cassiobury Court is a fantastic, peaceful place to recover. I am leaving today and can’t be more grateful to the staff and fellow residents who have made my stay such a wonderful experience. All the staff are happily prepared to go the extra mile to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible. There are a great range of workshops and activities to help you explore how your mind, body and spirit can assist with your recovery. The kitchen team provide nutritionally balanced food options and if you don’t fancy what is on the menu they are happy to make something to your taste. The rooms, facilities and grounds are immaculately maintained. I am positive about the future.

    Read More

  • Sam “Sam” A's profile image
    Sam “Sam” A
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    I am Sam and I arrived at Cassiobury Court for 28 days at the end of May. This was my second rehab experience. I cannot praise Cassiobury Court enough. Each day was well structured and every group session was designed to give you different tools to sobriety. I learnt so much from all the therapists and key workers that were taking the sessions due to my lack of understanding of this illness. I was in a place where I was made to feel comfortable and no question were silly which encouraged me to dig deeper and ask questions around my illness and myrecovery. Cassiobury Court approach to recovery, worked very well for me. It was not like Boot Camp. They actually gave me time to digest the information that was given and time to absorb what was said they kind of gave me the balance to learn, but also do every day life things, I also had time to reflect and focus on myself I would encourage any newcomers to rehab to engage in many group sessions as they can and take out as much as they can out of these sessions the 12 step AA program was explained to me in such a simple way and gave me the confidence to work it. I would like to give a special thanks to my key worker as she has helped me find a a new sober, Sam. My key worker from the start has been open and honest which has helped me with my recovery. I would like to also thank all the staff at Cassiobury Court that have had an impact on my road to recovery. A special thanks to the kitchen staff and the cleaning staff, as by them doing what they do gave me time to focus on myself and not have to worry about cooking and cleaning. The kitchen staff have made sure that I have been eating properly and have helped me build up my strength. Overall, Cassiobury Court is the place to come to if in need of a medical detox or need to understand what is involved in recovery and give you the opportunity on how to get away from addiction It’s like being given a second sober life. I cannot thank Cassiobury Court enough.

    Read More

  • steve chisholm's profile image
    steve chisholm
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    A really great place to get back on your feet and begin recovery. Staff could not be more helpful, therapy and groups are generally excellent. Rooms are very clean and well appointed, though size and ensuite is a bit of a lottery. Food is really very good, everyones tastes are catered for and in abundance. Snacks water juices, tea's and coffee's available 247. I would highly recommend Cassio to anyone looking to get sober change there life.

    Read More

  • Deborah Smith's profile image
    Deborah Smith
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    Just completed 28 days at Cassiobury Court and I am pleased to say it has been a positive experience. I have received compassionate expert care from the staff team here who have an in-depth knowledge of addiction. My key workers have been an inspiration and have been by my side every step of the way providing a range of interventions to help me work through my addiction issues. I have been treated with kindness, privacy, dignity and respect. I leave having gained confidence and the power to succeed. Thank you to all at Cassiobury court.

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  • Lily Hopkins's profile image
    Lily Hopkins
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    I have had serious addiction problems for the last 10 years that have ruined my life and the life of my loved ones. I am in my early 30’s and this was my third time in rehab but my first time staying at Cassiobury Court. The difference between Cassiobury and other facilities is incredible and you can’t compare with the level of support and love. The staff are kind, caring and know exactly what you are going through and what you need to do in order to get better. They have multiple different ways and techniques to support you and go above and beyond in every possible way to help you. Not only do they support you while you’re there but they also support you for the first year you leave with weekly catch up sessions. I have left Cassiobury with a huge network of people in recovery. Before I was lost and alone. I can’t thank Cassiobury enough for giving me another chance at life and I’ll be forever truly grateful ❤️❤️❤️

    Read More

  • Amy Elizabeth Munford's profile image
    Amy Elizabeth Munford
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    It’s a pleasure to have been a client at Cassiobury Court. From the moment I arrived I felt like a welcome part of the family, it’s non judgmental and compassionate approach to recovery has differed from any center which I have previously attended. The structure allowed me to develop at my own pace and to work through my recovery journey, which started with me at an all time low. When I entered I was a shell of a person, after a toxic relationship. My substance misuse and eating disorder was out of control and my health, mental and physical, was deteriorating rapidly. The staff, each with there own expertise and experience guided me compassionately and from a genuine place of kindness and warmth. The facilities, all departments from housekeeping, kitchen to admin and support staff, have made a genuine difference to the person I am leaving as. Strong, rebuilt and confident. Ready to step into a life of sobriety and positivity. I have made life long friends and made life long changes thanks to Cassiobury. I can genuinely recommend Cassiobury, to anyone who has found themselves in the depths of there addiction, they will help you find the path out, however unmanageable life may seem. All my love to the team there and to the clients past, present and future Amy x

    Read More

  • A P's profile image
    A P
    star star star star star
    5 months ago

    My time at Cassiobury Court has been a life changing experience and one I will be forever grateful for. When I arrived I was mentally broken and morally bankrupt and believe my time here has given me the tools to finally turn my life around. The staff here are incredible and consistently go above and beyond with their care, support and guidance. I cannot thank everyone enough or offer high enough praise for the work that you do. I truly believe that this is the only place I could have begun my journey to recovery. For anyone who is struggling with addiction and wants to change their life for the better, I can say with confidence today that it is possible. Thank you Cassiobury Court. ODAAT

    Read More


Frequently Asked Questions

Professional rehabilitation works in a multitude of different ways. The blend of physical and psychological addiction treatment alongside being in an environment that is detached from your normal day-to-day life are all critical to how rehab works. However, for rehabilitation to truly work, you must be prepared to make necessary changes to yourself. If you’re ready to change your life to overcome your addiction, then drug and alcohol rehab will work for you.

Approaching someone about their addiction is a very delicate issue. If you do not approach and alcohol intervention or substance abuse intervention correctly then you risk pushing that person further away from receiving treatment. A family intervention should be conducted with care, and compassion, and ideally with a trained professional there to assist. Making the person suffering from an addiction feel attacked is the opposite of what you want to achieve. We may be able to help with this stage if you call us and ask about our family and friend referral schemes.

There’s no right answer to this question as what works for one person may not work for another person in the same way. The choice between residential rehab and outpatient treatment is personal to the individual. We can, however, advise that residential rehab generally has a higher rate of successful recoveries and is recommended for people suffering from severe drug or alcohol addiction. Outpatient treatment provides more flexibility as you remain at home whilst visiting the rehab clinic each day, whereas with residential treatment, you’ll stay overnight at our drug and alcohol rehab.

Raffa Bari

Raffa Bari - Author

CQC Registered Manager

Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

Dr. Olalekan Otulana (Advanced Practitioner)

Dr. Olalekan Otulana MBChB, DRCOG, MRCGP, DFSRH, FRSPH, MBA (Cantab)

 Dr Otulana is a highly experienced GP and Addiction Physician. He has a specialist interest in Substance Misuse Management and he has a wide range of experience in the assessment, management (including detoxification) and residential rehabilitation of clients with various drug and substance addiction problems.  His main aim is to comprehensively assess patients with addiction problems and determine their treatment needs for medical detoxification treatments and psychological interventions. He is also experienced in managing patients who require dual drug and alcohol detoxification treatments.

A strong healthcare services professional with a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree from Cambridge University Judge Business School.

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