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Are you tired of letting the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse ruin your life? There is a way to overcome your addiction to alcohol or drugs, and it all starts with one simple phone call or email to our rehab in Yorkshire.

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We design completely bespoke treatment programmes to benefit each of our client’s specific needs. We’re confident that our dedicated team can help you achieve your recovery goals and lead a happier life free from drug and alcohol abuse. Get in touch with us today on 01923 369 161 and start your journey to long-term recovery.


What is our rehabilitation centre like?

We’re very proud to provide evidence-based, industry-leading addiction treatments. With our personalised and positive approach, we’ve helped countless people end their drug and alcohol abuse. We understand just how nerve-wracking it can be to stay in an unfamiliar setting with people you don’t know. This is why we put great emphasis on promoting a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment to each person who steps through the door. With the privacy of your own room and the knowledge of others around you going through a similar situation, you should feel quite at ease during your stay with us.

There’s only one thing you need to focus on at our rehab in Yorkshire, and that’s achieving a full, long-term recovery. Our excellent team take care of all your housekeeping, laundry and provide you with daily nutritious meals to aid your recovery. With no distractions of home life, you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to live a life free from drug and alcohol abuse by joining our rehab centre.


Do we offer dual diagnosis treatment?

When someone is suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs and a mental health issue, this is referred to as a dual diagnosis. It’s a condition which our team are very familiar with and are comfortable in providing the best treatments to maximise success. Although you might not have heard of dual diagnosis, it’s actually quite common. Around 50% of people who suffer from mental health issues are prone to drug and alcohol abuse. It’s certainly something we need to raise more awareness for so that people who find themselves with a dual diagnosis, don’t feel so isolated, and know that there is an effective dual diagnosis treatment available to them.

Our treatments can help you to identify the underlying causes of your drug and alcohol abuse or your mental health issue. In some cases, people turn to substance misuse as a way to cope with their mental health issues, or alternatively, their increasing exposure to the severe effects of drug and alcohol abuse has resulted in them developing a mental health issue. Sometimes, we’re able to detect which of the two conditions is more prevalent, however, it’s also possible that the two are equal in strength. Whichever it is, our qualified team are able to guide you out of this vicious cycle by improving your brain health and activity to gain an accurate diagnosis. This will help us to deliver the most effective dual diagnosis treatment for you.


What other addiction treatments do we offer?

We generally recommend that most of our clients begin by visiting our detox clinic to remove all the harmful toxins in their body as a result of excessive drug and alcohol abuse. It’s an extremely useful addiction treatment when done in a supervised and safe environment like our rehab in Yorkshire. If a drug or alcohol detox was attempted at home without the correct supervision, then it has the potential to be extremely dangerous, even fatal.

As you reduce your intake of alcohol or drugs which you’ve become so dependent on, you’ll begin to experience withdrawal symptoms which can range from mild nausea to severe seizures or delirium tremens which need to be met with emergency medical attention.

Once you’ve completed your drug or alcohol detox, you can move on to your psychological and well-being therapies. These psychological therapies could include cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, individual, group, or family counselling, relapse prevention and psychotherapy. As for our well-being therapies, we offer a wide variety including relaxation and sleep management, art therapy, fitness therapy, mindfulness, yoga, low-level laser therapy, acupuncture, and acu-detox. All of these therapies help you to identify your triggers and recognise the underlying issues which may have caused your drug and alcohol abuse.

Our addiction treatment programmes typically last around 28 days from your admission to completing your drug and alcohol treatment. This is the recommended duration; however, you may stay with us for less or more time depending on your personal circumstances and the severity of your drug and alcohol abuse.


Aftercare and relapse prevention

We continue our support even after you’ve left our rehab in Yorkshire. The first year after completing your addiction treatment is when you’re most likely to relapse. This is because you’re back at home, putting everything you’ve learnt during your stay with us into real-life practice, except you’re no longer in a structured environment with constant supervision.

We offer all of our clients a free 12-month aftercare programme where you can contact our dedicated helplines whenever you need us. Just as your residential addiction treatment was personalised, your aftercare plan will be too. We’re there to help you retain motivation, share your achievements and to avoid any potential relapses. Not only do we ensure you have all the support you need to achieve your long-term recovery, we give your family and friends the tools they require to support you along your journey.

Our dedicated team will help you every step of the way, ensuring you’re always listened to, respected, and cared for, with your health and well-being paramount. If you have additional questions or would like our friendly team to alleviate any concerns you may have, then please call us today on 01923 369 161 or email us at

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