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Rehab Clinics Group offers a luxurious residential rehabilitation service for people suffering from drug, alcohol and behavioural addiction. We offer rehabilitation clinics in the Hertfordshire countryside, along the Lancashire coast and in London. At Rehab Clinics Group we have gone to great lengths to ensure you recover in a highly comfortable and therapeutic environment. Our aim is to provide a luxurious rehabilitation experience at affordable prices.

Our rehabilitation service in unrivalled anywhere within the United Kingdom. Upon admission, each client is psychiatrically assessed. We ensure your treatment plan is configured to match your precise needs and risk profile. During your rehabilitation, you will gain access to ultra-modern therapeutic techniques that help you overcome your addiction ‘triggers’ and known stressors. Once you conclude your rehabilitation plan, an intensive aftercare plan will be put in place.

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Our luxurious residential rehabilitation service offers tailored treatment plans and modern techniques to overcome addiction. Contact us now for a comfortable and therapeutic experience.

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Contact our admissions team for a free consultation. This is applicable for both prospective clients and their family members. By reaching out to Rehab Clinics Group via one simple phone call or email, you will discover everything you need to know about attending rehabilitation for you or your loved one’s addiction.

Your decision to begin your fight against addiction may require courage and determination. For this reason, our admission team consists of people who have succeeded in their own personal battle against drug and alcohol addiction. This ensures you are greeted by empathetic people when you contact Rehab Clinics Group. Our admissions team are highly motivated to ensure your fight against addiction gets off to a winning start.

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