Mephedrone Detox

Published by John Gillen | Last updated: 3rd March 2021

Mephedrone is often referred to as m-kat or meow-meow, and it is a powerful stimulant that is similar to ecstasy and speed. It was once portrayed as a “legal high” as dealers marketed it as a kind of plant food.

However, Mephedrone is now a class B drug. It can be in pill form but is usually in the form of a fine yellow/white powder which is snorted in the same manner as cocaine. It can also be smoked.

Mephedrone creates a sense of affection to those around you and also a sense of euphoria. Those using Mephedrone will feel confident, chatty and more alert than usual and users will likely find themselves experiencing a reduced appetite.


Risks of taking Mephedrone

Because Mephedrone is a comparatively new drug, the long-term effects of use are still under study. However, there are some known effects.

Snorting Mephedrone through your nose can cause serious nose bleeds. Because the drug affects your heart and circulatory system, users can experience cold limbs and dizziness.

Overheating can also occur, and this risk is increased when Mephedrone is mixed with other drugs. And finally, death is a real risk – a number of deaths in the UK have been attributed to Mephedrone overdose and excessive use.

Are you a Mephedrone user? Are you concerned that your use of the drug has escalated beyond occasional highs into an addiction? Are you concerned that a friend, loved one or colleague has a Mephedrone addiction?

If so, then Cassiobury Court can help you. With our 24-hour helpline, you can direct any questions that you might have to our admissions team who can run through an initial consultation with you over the telephone.

Why not call us today on 01923 369161 or text HELP to 83222 to discuss your Mephedrone addiction and how Cassiobury Court can provide you with assistance?


Mephedrone addiction treatment

If you’re addicted to Mephedrone then you undoubtedly have a long road ahead of you, but with our expert care, a 28-day commitment to residential rehab will be the starting point for your recovery.

Many of our clients baulk at the concept of being away from their normal life for a month, but the opportunity to recover in the safety of our comfortable rehabilitation clinic is the best course of treatment for those who want to have Mephedrone rehab.

By pressing the reset button on your life, you can recover with around the clock care and all of your Mephedrone addiction treatment sessions taking place in the safe and secure environment provided by our rehab clinic.

By taking a step back from your life, you can focus solely upon your recovery free of the distractions and temptations that life can provide.


Mephedrone rehab

Your Mephedrone rehab will begin with your initial telephone consultation. In this conversation, we will discuss your Mephedrone use including the amount that you consume. We’ll also ask questions pertaining to your general physical and psychological health.

If you agree that Cassiobury Court can offer the best Mephedrone addiction treatment for your needs, we will admit you without delay. Unlike other local solutions, there is no wait for our addiction treatment services.

Upon arrival at our comfortable and discreet rehab centre, you will be given a tour of the facility and introduced to your keyworkers, who will be mapping your route to being free of Mephedrone addiction.

When you have been checked in, we will have one of our doctors perform a thorough examination of your physical and mental health. This is so we can determine the best course of Mephedrone addiction treatment for you. We treat all of our clients as individuals and we are proud of that fact.

When your assessments have been completed, we will begin the detox part of your treatment.


Mephedrone detox

This part of the process is how we flush the toxins from your body that have built up as a result of sustained misuse of Mephedrone. Instead of completely removing your access to the drug, we will taper it away in order to minimise the Mephedrone withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms can be very painful and can see users experiencing convulsions, shaking and tremors, hallucinations and cramps and muscle aches. However, all Mephedrone addicts will respond differently to the drug leaving their system.

Depending on the severity of your addiction this process can last up to two weeks. It is an uncomfortable part of your Mephedrone rehab but removing all traces from your system is essential to your long-term recovery.

Without it, your addiction will return at some point. Many of our clients have attempted their own DIY detox at home but this is not safe. Under the care of Cassiobury Court, you’ll have around the clock care from our medical team and prescription medication can be issued in order to alleviate your discomfort where necessary.


Therapies for Mephedrone

Upon completion of your Mephedrone detox, you will be able to focus your attention on your therapies. Cassiobury Court is proud to offer a variety of different therapies to help your long-term recovery.

You will be able to spend time in individual and group therapy sessions. This will allow you to enhance your understanding of why you developed an addiction in the first place and to work on the physical and mental triggers that cause you to abuse Mephedrone.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a big part of your treatment and it is instrumental in altering your approach and thought patterns. You will also be able to share your experiences in group therapy and this is an effective way to build a support network for the more trying times when you leave our care.

When your treatment has been completed, you’ll be given a comprehensive aftercare plan which includes access to secondary care sessions, and we will encourage you to join your local Narcotics Anonymous group.

We understand that taking the first step is difficult, but we encourage you to get in touch with Cassiobury Court today for your best chance at ridding Mephedrone from your life.

Please don’t put it off any further and contact us on 01923 369161 or text HELP to 83222 today.

John Gillen

John Gillen - Author Last updated: 3rd March 2021

John Gillen is a leading addiction treatment expert with over 15 years of experience providing evidence-based treatment methods for individuals throughout the UK. John also co-authors the book, The Secret Disease of Addiction, which delves into how the addictive mind works and what treatment techniques work best.