Mephedrone Detox

Mephedrone Detox

Before mephedrone detox can begin, it is important to understand the effects and risks associated with the drug.


Often known as m-kat or meow-meow, mephedrone is a powerful stimulant and is closely related to ecstasy and speed. It was once seen as a “legal high”, where dealers advertised it as plant food. Now has now been classed as a class-B drug. It usually comes in the form of a fine yellow-ish white powder, which is snorted like cocaine. However, it can also be found in pills and can be smoked.
Mephedrone can create a sense of euphoria and affection to those around you. Users will feel alert, confident and chatty. It can also reduce your appetite.


There are many risks associated with taking mephedrone. However, because it is a relatively new drug, it is impossible to know what the long term effects of its use are. The effects can include:

  • Death – there have been a number of deaths recorded in the UK as a result of taking mephedrone.
  • Overheating – one of the main causes of death is the body overheating. This risk is increased greatly when mixed with other drugs.
  • Circulation – Mephedrone affects the heart and circulation, which can result in cold limbs and dizziness.
  • Bleeding – Snorting mephedrone through your nose can cause severe nose bleeds.

How we can help

We have a range of drug rehab treatments to help with your mephedrone addiction, including detox, counselling and holistic therapies. For more information call us on 0800 500 3129.

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