Are you a mobile gambling addict?

Many people use their smart phone to kill time, if they are bored or if they are trying to shirk their duties in the office. Usually, this involves checking emails and social media or squeezing in a cheeky game of candy crush. However, a relatively recent craze has been quietly growing in popularity among smart phone users that can have serious consequences. These are casino gaming apps!

Online gambling is not a new phenomenon. For many, an alternative to going into a casino and being part of the gambling atmosphere is seen as a good thing and being at home removes the pressure that many people feel to bet more and more money. However, the ease of which a bet can be made and the potential to lose vast amounts of money direct from the bank account has led to many online gambling addicts. Until recently, many of these websites were illegal in the USA, but since 2010 certain forms have been appearing in a regulated form. Even gambling using a smart phone is new, and punters have been able to place bets on horse races or football matches without leaving the pub for a number of years.

There have been many attempts to tighten the laws, but as technology becomes more diverse, the opportunities to make a bet become far greater. A recent wave of casino gaming apps now allows people to make a bet and achieve instant wins or losses, no matter where they are. For some, the temptation can become too great.

What are casino gaming apps?

Quite simply, they are apps that replicate a casino game on your smart phone, but allow you to make bets with real money. A popular one that has been advertised a lot on the tv is a fruit machine app. So with a touch of your mobile phone, you can win or lose money.
This is worrying, due to the signs of having a gambling problem. These include:

  • Being secretive about gambling
  • Having trouble controlling gambling
  • Gambling when you don’t have money

Mobile casino apps present a problem for all 3 of these symptoms. Mobile phones allow for secretive behaviour and allow bets to be made easily without anyone’s knowledge – even when going to the bathroom. Mobile apps make bets easier than ever to make with the options of instant wins or losses. This can increase temptation to make a bet, especially when chasing a loss. Lastly, online gambling draws money direct from the bank. This makes it easy to lose track of spending, to chases losses and to become overdrawn.

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