Should Cannabis Be Legal In The UK? See Our Cost-Benefit Analysis Below [INFOGRAPHIC]

Published by John Gillen | Last updated: 17th November 2022

In this inspiring infographic, we offer up a ‘cost-benefit’ analysis for legalising cannabis in the United Kingdom.

We’ve decided to publish this infographic after many US States have decided to legalise cannabis over the last five years.

We look a the number of cannabis-related crimes committed in the UK. We look at the cost of enforcing cannabis laws, and then look at the financial benefit the Treasury would receive if cannabis was made legal.

We also take a look at the various medical benefits offered by cannabis consumption.

We’ve tried to remain impartial when offering this cost-benefit analysis, and we’d invite you to make your own mind up regarding the legalisation of cannabis in the United Kingdom.

Costs of legalising cannabis

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John Gillen

John Gillen - Author Last updated: 17th November 2022

John Gillen is a leading addiction treatment expert with over 15 years of experience providing evidence-based treatment methods for individuals throughout the UK. John also co-authors the book, The Secret Disease of Addiction, which delves into how the addictive mind works and what treatment techniques work best.