How Ketamine Abuse Can Lead to Long-Term Side Effects

Ketamine is a highly abused recreational drug. It is known for its hallucinogenic effects, causing significant addictions for many users. As consistent consumption occurs, a tolerance to the drug develops, influencing the need for higher doses of ketamine. Long-term ketamine abuse can lead to a psychological dependence, along with many short and long-term physical side effects.


The Facts About Ketamine Abuse

Long-term ketamine abuse is highly dangerous for a user. The physical and mental health effects, along with the common negative influences linked to drug addiction are highly probable. There’s significant probability that a user’s quality of life will be diminished, along with effecting their surrounding loved ones.

Are you currently battling through a ketamine addiction? Or maybe you’ve just started abusing ketamine, concerned that you will experience significant long-term side effects? If this is your situation, start by seeking medical support today. Here at Cassiobury Court, we offer addiction treatment and mental health support to individuals living with ketamine abuse through our rehab centre.

Whether you’re considering using ketamine, or have a loved one suffering with an addiction, see the long-term side effects of ketamine abuse below, along with how our industry leading treatments can help.


Long-Term Side Effects Of Ketamine Abuse

One of the greatest long-term side effects of ketamine abuse include the negative factors linked to addiction. Health deterioration, the inability to control life and maintain usual relationships are common. The constant ketamine cravings, the probability of experiencing dangerous health issues and the psychological influences can affect individuals long-term. Whether small quantities of ketamine are consumed, or a long-term addiction is present, side effects can be chronic, damaging an individual’s health.


Psychological Side Effects

Long-term use of ketamine can cause many psychological side effects. As mentioned above, ketamine is a hallucinogenic drug, influencing brain activity. As doses increase, significant psychological impairment is possible. This can cause many long-term effects including memory loss, confusion, paranoia and mood swings. Additionally, it is highly common for individuals abusing ketamine to experience long-term mental health disorders.

As there is a chemical imbalance in the brain, caused by an intoxicating, dangerous substance, damage can be caused to the brain’s functionality. Without expert support, a chronic psychological dependence is likely, influencing greater consumption to block out withdrawal symptoms. Ketamine abuse will influence a vicious circle of psychological issues until expert treatment is sourced. However, please be aware that side effects, such as flashbacks can be experienced long-term, for up to a year post consumption.


Physical Side Effects

Consistent ketamine abuse can also cause dangerous long-term side effects to an individual’s physical health. Common side effects include an increased heart rate and seizures, high blood pressure and respiratory issues, and damage to the urinary tract and kidney function.

A significant long-term addiction can lead to life-threatening issues including organ failure, heart attacks and in some unfortunate, uncontrolled cases, death.

If you are abusing ketamine or are experiencing any side effects linked to a ketamine addiction, it is important that you seek medical support before greater damage develops. The above side effects are highly likely for users abusing ketamine, influencing their psychological and physical health long-term. There are great dangers linked to consistent ketamine use, providing difficult to reverse if left untreated.


Addiction Treatment At Our Rehab Centre

Man Suffering With Addiction

Here at Cassiobury Court, we offer addiction treatment and mental health support for individuals suffering through addiction. Whether that be a drug addiction, including ketamine, an alcohol dependence, or depression, our team are on hand to help you recover.

If you are suffering through a ketamine addiction and are experiencing side effects, seeking support is important before life-threatening long-term damage sets in. We can help you work through those side effects with our industry leading, recovery designed treatments. While visiting our rehab centre you will be treated as an individual. We understand how every individual is affected differently when considering ketamine abuse. With that said, a variety of treatment and support options will be recommended, suitable for your needs.

Treatment methods you can expect to see to help revert those long-term side effects include cognitive behavioural therapy, clinical detoxes, group therapy, relapses prevention classes and wellness sessions. We will work on both the psychological and physical link you have to ketamine, helping you diminish any long-term cravings.

To further increase recovery probability, we offer around the clock, specialised support to ensure your rehab journey is positive. Our team of specialists are experienced in helping individuals like yourself through this difficult time, helping you put a positive future in place.

Here at Cassiobury Court, we are passionate about motivating long-term recovery. With that said, we offer further support post rehab to ensure recovery is maintained. Transitioning back into your home environment post residential rehab can be difficult. Your usual stimuli’s causing ketamine abuse are present. We will plan effective steps with you to help you overcome any future ketamine relapses, while offering guidance and motivation to remain sober.

Reduce the long-term side effects linked to ketamine abuse, and provide yourself with a healthier, positive future through expert addiction support.


Get In Touch With Our Team Today

If left untreated, a ketamine addiction can be life-threatening. Side effects can cause long-term negative impacts to your life, reducing quality and ability to recover. By acknowledging your addiction today through contacting our team, you will take the first step to diminishing those side effects.

Ketamine is a highly dangerous substance. High quantities can cause both psychological and physical health issues, reducing your likelihood of recovery. Detoxify your body from ketamine, while receiving psychological support and rehabilitation with our team here at Cassiobury Court.

If you’re currently experiencing any side effects, we recommend getting in touch as soon as possible. The longer you abuse ketamine for, the greater damage you’re causing. Whether you’re a family member reaching out for support, or a user struggling, we can help through both voluntary and family interventions to start your rehab journey. Make the first step today by contacting our admissions team.