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If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab centres near Newcastle, then you can consider CQC registered facility Cassiobury Court.

The rehab treatment programmes we provide here at Cassiobury are available to those who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction and need specialist help to overcome it. Get in touch with our admissions team today for more information.

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Rehab Treatment in Newcastle

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newcastle

The North East suffers from the highest level of drug and alcohol addiction in England. So it is no surprise that there is the necessity for drug and alcohol rehab for those in Newcastle, so what should you expect from Cassiobury Court during your recovery?


What Happens Within Residential Treatment Centres in Newcastle?

It can be intimidating going to rehab, so we have laid out below the chronological order of how the typical process goes when you onboard to our addiction treatment programmes.


Step 1: Enquire About Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

The first step is to call our friendly team here at Cassiobury Court Rehab Centre. You will be able to talk about addiction treatment options, and this goes for those who are calling for a family member, friends or loved ones.

Here we capture relevant information regarding the nature and severity of your addiction. We then outline each treatment option suited to your needs. If you are happy to attend a treatment centre we then arrange transportation if required.

This will help to put your mind at ease, it will be a discussion about the rehab programme, address any mental health issues you or the person are suffering from and will let you know about how our rehab services can begin the process of recovery.


Step 2: Arrive at Cassiobury Court Residential Rehab Centre

Residential treatment requires you to live within the centre for around twenty-one to twenty-eight days, which is why travelling to a rehab facility near or far is very common. We accept in-patients from all over the country due to the benefit that comes with being away from the environment that once allowed your addiction to formulate and thrive.

When you enter one of our drug rehabilitation centres you are surrounded by healthcare professionals who specialise in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. This is when you can really begin combating your substance abuse addiction and start an effective treatment programme.


Step 3: Begin Your Rehab Programme in Alcohol and Drug Rehab

This is when the hard work begins. You will spend the next agreed time period within our drug and alcohol rehab centres and overcome your psychological and physical addiction during an array of treatments.

From dialectical behavioural therapy, CBT and a medically assisted detox, you will soon be on the road to a happier and healthier you. Find out in more detail what happens when you arrive at our alcohol and drug rehab centre below.


What Happens Once You’ve arrived at Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre?

After you have found your comfort at our drug and alcohol rehab, one of our medical professionals will oversee your initial assessment.

Whether you’re suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, they conduct an in-depth physical and mental examination with you. Here we determine your precise needs that must be addressed during your rehabilitation programme.

Following this, one of our medical professionals will typically prescribe medication that eases an otherwise painful withdrawal process, then, within five to ten days you will be completely detoxed.

It is at this point that your drug and alcohol rehab experience will go into the mentality side of things. Since you’ve first addressed the physical withdrawal symptoms that may have otherwise caused relapse, you will now be ready to receive therapy and counselling sessions with a clearer mind.

These sessions aim to treat the underlying mental aspects of drug and alcohol addiction, so that you’re proactively relapse prevention planning.



What Happens Following Detox in Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newcastle?

Following drug or alcohol detox, you must receive treatment for the mental and emotional aspects of your drug addiction, or alcohol addiction.

It is at this stage that you’ll receive a range of addiction therapies.

These therapies include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, holistic therapies, group therapy, family therapy and nutritional advice.

Therapy sessions take place either in small groups or on a one-to-one basis with a qualified therapist. They are highly varied too, so you may encounter art therapy, various kinds of big or small group therapy that may include the conjunction of cognitive behavioural therapy together.


The Staple Parts of Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Fear of the unknown is nothing new, it is typically why we procrastinate things that we cannot predict the outcome of, in this instance, drug and alcohol rehab.

However, it is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, it is something to feel quite the opposite about.

The staple parts of drug and alcohol rehab centres is that they are places filled with positivity, filled to the brim with tools to help you survive withdrawal symptoms, and ultimately overcome addiction. Below are the staple factors to drug and alcohol rehab so you’re not deterred by any unknown happenings.


What to Expect During Drug or Alcohol Detox

One of the things that makes overcoming a drug addiction or, an alcohol addiction is the withdrawal symptoms.

They’re unpleasant, and the intensity varies hugely depending on the particular substance abuse present. That being said, inpatient treatment centres are the safest way to go through this time period.

You’re able to be prescribed detox medication and not only will you have the medical support throughout the detox, but you’ll also be able to lean on the fellow inpatients that will understand whole heartedly how you’re feeling.

This support is something that cannot be replicated outside of an inpatient rehab centre, which is what makes it so valuable since you have the best chance at avoiding relapse.


Pros and Cons of Outpatient Rehab Treatment

  • Affordable Treatment
  • Local and easy to travel to
  • Fits around your schedule
  • Less intensive than inpatient rehab
  • Higher relapse rates
  • Hard to access due to huge demand

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What Does Addiction Treatment Look Like in Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a staple part of drug and alcohol rehab, it typically comes after the detox treatment programme and goes on to be a part of your long term recovery journey post drug and alcohol rehab.

Drug addiction or alcohol addiction doesn’t disappear as if by magic, it takes dedication and hard work. That is why drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle is your best chance at overcoming your triggers, particularly environmental or emotional triggers.

That is why group therapy, CBT and many other forms of behavioural treatment are so important to embrace. Alcohol rehab, drug rehab, outpatient treatment or inpatient, therapy will always be a staple part of your recovery. Keep this in mind and be ready to throw yourself into the deep end and lay your feelings out to really get the most out of it.


Relapse Prevention: A Key Stage of Long Term Recovery

No matter the specific substance abuse, or even if it is both alcohol and drug rehab that you require, there are some things that a drug rehab centre can do to ensure that you have the best chance of staying sober.

Without the help of a rehab clinic, in particular a residential rehab, it can be difficult to seek treatment in a way that will help you avoid relapse. The hard work for this is typically done within the rehab itself which is why inpatient addiction treatment has a high success rate.

Addiction treatment programmes can be long, difficult, and a true commitment however once you’re free of the shackles of addiction, treatment for your alcohol or drug addiction will become something a sober you will one day look back on.

Make the decision to change the course of your life by combating your alcohol or drug addiction today.


How To Find Out More about Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Newcastle upon tyne

To learn more about our drug and alcohol rehab in Newcastle, don’t hesitate to call an addiction counsellor today on 01923 369 161.

During the call, our counsellor will walk you through the treatment process in more detail, we will also be able to set a start date for your drug or alcohol abuse treatment programme and sort your travel arrangements on your behalf.

Alternatively, contact us through the website and a counsellor will respond to your message shortly.

Raffa Bari

Raffa Bari - Author

CQC Registered Manager

Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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