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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Corby

Drug addiction is real, and if you’re suffering from it, you probably need to seek professional guidance to get over the problem. While developing an addiction isn’t a sign of weakness or character flaw, it takes more than willpower to completely overrule it, and be sure it’s a battle you can’t win on your own. The craving and compulsion that come with substance abuse can make sobriety an impossible goal to achieve, but no matter how hopeless your situation may seem, there’s always a treatment programme that will make this recovery possible. If you’re living in Corby or its environs, and you’re suffering from addiction, be sure to visit the main drug and alcohol rehab centre located here to find help.

At Corby, we have a private rehab centre that’s dedicated to offer treatment service for drug addicts and run substance misuse programme to help patients whose addiction hasn’t taken deep roots to regain normality before it’s too late. We understand that, if a situation is dealt with at its onset, it will be easier to bring the patient to a quick recovery. We are also dedicated to helping patients who are at a serious stage of addiction where the problem has developed into a mental illness. Our addiction counsellors work hand in hand to ensure they regain full control of their life and live drug-free. If you’re having substance misuse issues, feel free to share with us, and find help from a dedicated team of addiction counsellors.


Who Visits Our Rehab Centre?

Millions flock in our drug and alcohol rehab in Corby daily. We’ve got a solid reputation in offering quality and reliable treatment for drug addiction, and as such, we get patients from all over the globe. Our services aren’t limited to a certain age group. We serve clients across all age groups, and, therefore, whether young or old, feel free to visit our rehab for help – the variety of treatment options available ensures all our patients are well-accommodated.

While you may be abusing drugs for some reasons, you should know that substance abuse is detrimental to your health, and, therefore, serious steps should be taken towards overcoming the problem. For most drug addicts, recognizing that they have an addiction problem and deciding to make a change, becomes a major challenge. Well, it’s normal to feel uncertain whether you should begin the recovery process or if you’re willing to make amends, but the earlier you make the decision the better. You can’t make this decision unless you change your environment and seek professional guidance. Neither your peers, nor your parents can help you, and that only means you need an expert who knows how to deal with the problem.

If you choose to visit our drug and alcohol rehab facility in Corby, you’ll find a team of dedicated addiction counsellors who will take you through the treatment programme successfully. Our treatment service is available 24/7, and, therefore, you should feel free to check in any time. No matter how hopeless your situation is, we will help you overcome the problem and make sound decisions that will help you live a drug-free life. Don’t suffer alone, just check-in at our rehab facility for help.


Our Treatment Programme

At our drug and alcohol rehab facility in Corby, we have a highly dedicated and experienced team that’s always ready to help you. They have diverse experience in dealing with addictions, and no matter how serious your problem is they’ll still assist you accordingly. Our treatment programme entails a one-on-one approach whereby our experts handle individual problems separately, treating each client uniquely to ensure the treatment service you get suits your specific needs. The treatment is aimed at creating awareness on the adverse effects substance abuse has on the body and making the patients realize that they can do without drugs.

We work with patients in different ways to help them get back to their feet, depending on the root cause of addiction. Therefore, before checking in at the drug and alcohol rehab facility in Corby, ensure you’ve identified the cause of your problem so that the experts can determine the form of treatment that will work best for you. Well, this may be hard for you, especially if you’re still not sure whether you’re ready for the process or not, but just try and give the addiction counsellors as much information as you can about your addiction journey. From this, they’ll be able to choose an appropriate treatment programme for you.

Here are some of the treatments that we may use to help our clients.

  • Therapy sessions for both groups and individuals
  • Group or individual counselling sessions
  • Medication to help deal with difficult addictions
  • Alternative therapy treatments like Yoga
  • Sessions for life skill training
  • Talent building and discovery sessions where we help patients discover their talents so that they can use their time constructively.

The treatment programme focuses on a series of steps that every individual has to go through to fully recover. Before starting, the experts will take you through these steps to ensure you’re on the same page. On top of this, you’ll also be expected to attend narcotics anonymous meetings as part of the treatment programme. The treatment process is quite involving, but at the end of it, you’ll have made great milestones. Again, since the experts take a different approach to address each addiction problem, the process varies for different patients.


Ready to Begin the Recovery Process?

If you’ve finally admitted that you need support to overcome your addiction, it’s time to visit one of the drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Corby. The treatment services are affordable, and, therefore, you don’t need to worry about how much you need to pay. All you need to do is to identify the cause of your addiction, and then our experts will help you choose the form of treatment that’s appropriate for you. We offer support for residents in Corby, and also provide addiction treatment services for people nearby in areas such as Peterborough.

If you’d like to begin your treatment programme right away, feel free to contact Cassiobury Court. Our lines are open 24/7, so, connect with us anytime. Call 01923 369 161 today!

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