We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Northampton

Looking for drug and alcohol rehab Northampton for yourself or a loved one? We offer intensive treatment programmes. We have spaces available. Call us now on 01923 369 161!

Drug and Alcohol Treatments Northampton
Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Northampton

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We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Northampton

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Northampton

Worldwide, alcohol is consumed by billions of people – in various cultures. Drinking alcohol is rooted strongly in traditions throughout the world. Many people can just responsibly have a drink or two, but there are people who are struggling with the responsible consumption of alcohol.

Alcoholism is also very much commonplace throughout the world. The number of alcohol abusers worldwide – are also in the millions. Are you someone who feels that you have struggled with alcohol abuse, and you live in the neighbourhood of Northampton? It is not too late to quit.

It is important that you indeed contact Cassiobury Court to get help. We offer drug and alcohol rehab Northampton for those who want to make the most out of the rest of their lives – at our state of the art centre in Watford. Call us today on 01923 369 161 and our friendly admissions team will be able to help.


Help for drug and alcohol addiction in Northampton

Are you looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Northampton for yourself or a loved one? At Cassiobury Court, we offer an intensive treatment programme for clients across the United Kingdom, including Northampton, Kettering, Wellingborough and the surrounding areas.

Just an hours’ drive from Northampton, we allow you to get away from the everyday stress of life and focus on your recovery, offering a wide range of treatment services that can get you off your addictive substance for good.

Many people who come to us for addiction treatment may have already tried options such as outpatient programmes, local groups or even alternative therapy. While these can be effective in some cases, other people find that a treatment programme carried out in a residential centre is their best bet for long-term recovery.

This is because we don’t just detox you and help you get off drugs or alcohol, we work hard to find the reason why you became addicted and attack the root causes, so you don’t go back to substance abuse.


Is being addicted to alcohol really that bad?

Many people tend to underestimate what excessive drinking can lead to. Alcohol in smaller amounts does not do damage, but the line between healthy and unhealthy gets crossed quite easily and regularly. Many people have seen alcohol ruin their lives and the lives of their loved ones around them.

Prolonged Alcohol Abuse does lead to changes in the brain. What happens is that you become much more susceptible to addiction due to the brain damage caused by the continues release of chemicals in the brain – the ones that make you feel good. Your brain will struggle to release these chemicals naturally, which means that you need alcohol again to feel normal.

The addiction process also leads to physical problems as well. Your liver is often susceptible to damage over the long-term due to the struggle to break the alcohol in your body down. Before it’s too late, and your body gets permanently damaged in the process – we advise you to come to our Northampton rehab.


Private vs NHS Treatment

When people with addictions and loved ones call us, they’re often worried about the cost of private rehab. While it’s not cheap, opting for private treatment has many advantages.

In areas such as Northampton, the NHS is stretched thin, so you may have to wait a while to even see a GP, let alone get referred to addiction counsellors. You may be searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Northampton because you’re waiting for NHS treatment and have found yourself on a long waiting list, which can be difficult when you’re desperate to overcome your addiction.

The problem with NHS treatment is that it can also be a one-size-fits-all programme that may not be suitable for you. They may insist you try outpatient treatment before you get considered for residential treatment, whereas you might be keen to look at rehab centres as soon as possible. When you call the team at Cassiobury Court, we’ll carry out a pre-admission assessment to determine the best course of action, ensuring that you get the best help to suit you.


Choosing a rehab in Northampton

One of the main reasons people look for rehab clinics, as opposed to recovering at home, is that it offers 24/7 support. Giving up drugs or alcohol can be extremely difficult, and not something you’ll want to go through alone. First, there’s the detox, which can sometimes lead to withdrawal symptoms, depending on the drugs you take and how long you’ve been addicted, this varies from person to person.

It’s common to feel restless, nauseous and sick, but in extreme cases, those who are detoxing can suffer seizures and strokes. That’s why it’s so important to have medical professionals on hand. Another advantage of staying in a clinic is that you may be offered prescription drugs that help with the withdrawal side effects, making detox more manageable.

Those seeking rehab in Northampton will often choose Cassiobury Court as it offers such a pleasant environment in which to have drug or alcohol rehab. We take care of all our patients, providing nutritious food, yoga and fitness sessions, and around the clock support during your stay. While you are here, you can enjoy the gardens or the surrounding countryside, so it feels like a break from everyday life.

If you have a drug and alcohol addiction, therapy will be a big part of your recovery. In our cosy treatment rooms, you’ll get individual therapy with experienced individuals, so you can find out the root cause of your addiction, as well as finding ways to avoid going back to old patterns. You’ll also attend regular support groups where you’ll have a chance to share your experiences and triggers with others going through the same thing, which can help you see that you’re not alone.


Support in the long term

While rehab can be tough, some people find it even harder once they leave drug or alcohol rehab, as it means they’ve got to go back to everyday life. They can sometimes find themselves craving alcohol and drugs, or find themselves feeling depressed which can lead to old habits returning. This is why relapses are most common in the first year after rehab.

When you leave Cassiobury Court, we ensure you get excellent aftercare for 12 months, putting you in touch with local services that offer drug rehab in Northampton. This can include AA meetings and other support groups, or perhaps further individual therapy. If you continue to use this site, you can see some of the options we offer in the days after you’ve left one of our clinics.


Just don’t delay your recovery

Every day you continue to use drugs or alcohol is another day you won’t get back. Substance abuse can destroy your family life, finances and career, so quick intervention is essential. You can read about the rehab experience on our website or simply call us to discuss your treatment options, there’s no obligation when you pick up the phone.

Staying in Cassiobury Court doesn’t require a GP referral or long wait. All we ask is that you’re committed to overcoming your addiction.

Those who complete our programme have an excellent chance of staying off drugs in the long term, and all we really ask is that you give it a try. Simply call 01923 369 161 or text HELP to 83222 to get started on the path to recover.

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