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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Horsham

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We offer residential treatment that is close to the Horsham area.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Horsham

We have immediate treatment available in Horsham

Do you live in Horsham? Are you worried you are not in control of the amount of drugs you take or the amount of alcohol that you drink?

Are you considering referring a family member or a friend for treatment as you’re worried that they are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction?

If you have these concerns, then Cassiobury Court can help you.

Our drug and alcohol rehab treatment programmes are available without delay, there’s no wait for our services and we can begin to help you with just one phone call.

Please get in touch with us today via 0800 001 4070, or text HELP to 83222. Every day is of vital importance when you’re dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction and the sooner we can treat you, the easier it will be for both us and you.

So please don’t put it off anymore. We understand that making the first call is hard and you may feel overwhelmed, perhaps even ashamed. We will not judge you, but with our addiction assessment we can help you with practical advice.

Call us today for immediate action and for the chance to take back your life from drugs and alcohol.


The importance of rehab

Ending an addiction is not as simple as just removing drugs or alcohol from your life. If someone is not satisfied with sobriety, they are at a higher risk of relapse or taking part in other self-destructive behaviours.

As a result of this, a treatment programme is necessary. This is the reason that recovery is a process and not an event. The most effective treatment option for overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is residential rehab.

This is an intensive treatment programme that allows you to immerse yourself in your recovery without the distractions and stress of your everyday life.

Private rehab isn’t the cheapest option, but Cassiobury Court are fairly priced, will work with you to assure you we have a treatment plan suitable for your budget, and can assure you of no hidden costs.

Rehab is not an automatic cure for your drug or alcohol addiction, and you will need to put maximum effort into your recovery. You will certainly get a 100% commitment from us, and this will not stop when you leave our rehabilitation centre.

We will work with you on relapse prevention to ensure your long-term recovery. But the process of drug and alcohol rehab treatment is an ongoing commitment and your treatment programme will never truly come to an end.

Why not call Cassiobury Court today to see what kind of help is available for you in Horsham today?


Detox Clinic

When you arrive at our treatment centre in Horsham, we’ll perform a comprehensive physical and psychological assessment. This allows us to get to know you and learn more about your addiction.

Establishing why you’ve become an addict in the first place is an important thing we need to know as this may mean you are suffering from an underlying mental health condition.

If you are, we will be able to give you a dual diagnosis and treat you for any conditions we establish as well as your drug or alcohol addiction.

Dual diagnosis treatment is very important as all too often on outpatient treatment programmes, which are often NHS solutions, the underlying cause is not diagnosed or treated. This makes a relapse more likely in the future.

When you have been fully assessed, you will need to enter our detox clinic. Almost all of our clients need some time in detox – this may be two or three days; it could be as long as two weeks.

It depends on the kind of addiction you’re suffering from and the severity of your dependence. Drug and alcohol abuse take a toll on your body as well as your mind, and a variety of toxins will have built up in your body.

The purpose of the detox is to remove these toxins from your body and allow you to get clean.

This is not an easy process – your body will not react well to being denied the drugs or alcohol it craves and will react with a series of withdrawal symptoms. These will range from mild and unpleasant to quite dangerous.

You may have tried a detox of your own at home only to find that these withdrawal symptoms soon wrestled back control of you, and you were back to square one.

Our expert staff will be by your side round the clock to ensure that you are fully supported. We can also offer prescription medication if this helps you to get through a difficult detox.


Therapy in Horsham

Once your detox has been completed, we will move on to your therapy. This can be loosely split into individual and group therapy sessions.

You will have time one on one with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) sessions as we treat the root cause of your addiction. You can also take part in stress management classes.

On a group basis, you will be able to share your experiences with your fellow recovering addicts as well as learn about coping mechanisms. We pride ourselves in combining traditional therapies with a more holistic approach.

You will also be able to help focus on a healthier body with exercise and yoga classes, whilst helping your creative streak shine with art therapy.

Our treatment programmes have been helping the people of Horsham for a long time and we can help you without delay.


Relapse prevention

It’s an unfortunate fact that a recovering addict is at their most vulnerable within the first year of completing their rehab. Therefore, our treatment programme has relapse prevention measures in place to minimise this risk.

Before you leave our care, we will create a secondary care plan for you in order to ensure you continue to abstain and live your life free of the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We will also provide you with details for local support groups and this is an ideal opportunity to build a support network.

Why not call Cassiobury Court today for a free chat about your addiction? Our caring staff will be able to help you straight away.

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