We Have Treatment Centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Leominster

Here at Cassiobury Court, we have years of experience in providing those with addiction a secure and safe environment to embark on their journey to long-term recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Whether you’ve recently developed symptoms of addiction or you’re entirely dependent on alcohol or drugs, we have a dedicated team of professionals with fantastic facilities to support you through rehab whatever stage you’re at.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Leominster

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Leominster

How to Know When You Need Drug or Alcohol Rehab

Drug addiction is pretty easy to spot, while alcohol addiction may be a little easier to shrug off as it is so normalised and generally is a social activity.

nonetheless, the telling signs of addiction for either are similar and present themselves as physical and mental health issues. These telling signs can include, but are not limited to:

  • A clear loss of control
  • Inability to say ‘no’ to drugs or alcohol
  • Lying about usage
  • Drinking or doing drugs alone, not socially
  • Ignoring commitments
  • Feeling physical withdrawal symptoms when you haven’t drank or used drugs
  • Ignoring potential risk factors

These are all telling sings that you may need help from either outpatient services or more preferably a residential rehab facility.


What Are Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programmes Like?

We offer a variety of treatment options to suit your drug and alcohol addiction, but if you have never been admitted, it is understandable that you may be apprehensive about what to expect.

The first step is to conduct an initial assessment in order to understand what you will respond to best; this enables us to tailor a programme which will give you the best results during your stay with us. From therapy and counselling to support groups and family interventions, we’re confident in finding an approach which will guide you to success.

In terms of addiction treatment programmes, the next step is typically a medically assisted detox.

Detoxification removes all the harmful toxins from your body so that you can start to work through the behavioural side of addiction, and doing this within a residential rehab would be much safer than trying to do it alone.

Alcohol or drug dependency can have severe effects on your physical or psychological well-being; it can be extremely dangerous to attempt a detox from alcohol or drugs at home alone and there is a much larger chance of relapse.

Our dedicated team all possess the required qualifications as well as participating in regular training to provide the highest quality of care. This means that we can effectively guide you through withdrawal and see you provide yourself with the best chance of long term recovery.

We continuously supervise all our clients, providing around the clock support and advice at our rehab in Leominster, you can expect to be in an environment which is like a home-away-from-home.

You shouldn’t expect a clinical environment, we understand that this can be daunting. Instead, we do our utmost to provide you with a space that allows your creativity the thrive, and for you to overcome your drug and/or alcohol addiction.

There are even members of our team have successfully recovered from drug or alcohol addiction themselves, so rest assured that you will always be in a non-judgemental space since each and everyone of them are passionate about the work they do.


What Addiction Treatment Options Are Available?

At Cassiobury Court, we have various treatment options, often most used in conjunction with one another.

There are some things that are a staple part of your drug and alcohol rehab programme that you can prepare for, some of them include but are not limited to:

Once you have been guided thorough your detox and have overcome withdrawal symptoms and substance dependencies, you have reached a real turning point and you will begin the therapy and rehabilitation that will combat your anxiety about returning to the outside world.

Therapy treatment options are a part of the personalised treatment plan that ensures your recovery is possible and for the long run.

You will part take in group sessions and one of the key benefits of a drug, alcohol residential rehab programme is that you can be in an environment that has other sufferers from addiction who can confidently offer you support and truly know your drug and or alcohol issues.


How Long Does a Residential Programme Last?

Substance abuse is subjective to each and every person suffering from addiction. That being said, there are varied lengths of residential rehab dependent on both addiction and the person themselves.

Inpatient rehabs like cassiobury, typically work in increments of 7 days, 14 days and 28 days. Though, this can often be extended if you’re not ready to be discharged or ready to rely on outpatient treatment alone.


Why Choose Cassiobury Court Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

Seeking addiction treatment isn’t easy, but you’ve already made the hardest step, the first step.

Living with alcohol and drug addiction is even harder though, so how do you know you can trust Cassiobury Court to guide you?

Our detox clinic and rehab clinic are regulated by the CQC, we’ve been trusted for years and continue to help people on the road to recovery and most importantly, stay there.

Our rehab clinic is also one of the very few private rehab clinics that works closely with the NHS, this means that we have the capability to fill beds reserved for those who are in crisis and have been referred to our residential treatment via the correct nominated NHS hospital.

Whether it is alcohol addictions or drug addictions, we understand that too often, outpatient programmes, family support and over services provided may not suffice and professional help from a rehab clinics that offer the best addiction treatment services possible is what is necessary.


Mental Health Conditions in Rehab Centres

Drug and alcohol issues are often a result of triggered substance misuse from poor mental health.

While outpatient services may address the addiction or even provide medical assistance, you might have to have separate appointments for your mental health implications from persistent drug use.

That in mind, residential rehab can offer support and treatment for your mental health through therapy; plus, our doctor will be able to prescribe the necessary medication in order to treat your mental health probelms while you will also be treated for addiction. This means that you will have the best chance at avoiding relapse and subsequently live a sober future.

There are many benefits of going to rehab for treatment if you have problems with alcohol or other drugs and your mental health conditions are feeding into the addiction. Rehabilitation has the potential to combat other substances along with the dual diagnosis and treatment that goes beyond substance abuse and focuses on your mental state and treats it accordingly.


Now Is the Time to Start Your Journey to Recovery

We understand how destructive addiction to alcohol or drugs can be, not only to yourself but to loved ones around you. Addiction can damage your quality of life, even significantly shorten it. Whether you have an alcohol or drug dependency, or your addiction has just set in, seeking treatment should be your priority.

It’s unrealistic to expect each individual to respond to the same treatment programme in the same way. Each person’s recovery journey is unique to them, this is why our treatment options are adaptable to your needs. We believe in each treatment being undertaken in a positive manner, working towards your freedom from alcohol of drugs. We don’t want you to worry about your budget, we believe in providing help where help is needed and will have a treatment service to support you at our rehab centre.


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At our drug and alcohol rehab in Leominster, we’re a step ahead of the rest.

We can provide unique insights based on your behavioural patterns by utilising the latest technology into the treatments of addiction to alcohol or drugs. Embarking on our fantastic rehabilitation programme will allow you to recover both physically and psychologically. With our pioneering treatment service, dedicated team, and state-of-the-art facilities, we’re positive we can motivate you to achieve your recovery goals.

It’s highly recommended that you visit a private drug or alcohol rehab centre like ours in Leominster; we’re here to help you achieve your recovery goals. Get in touch with us today on 0800 001 4070 and turn your life around for the better.


Local Hospitals in Leominster

If you’re in crisis and need immediate help, below are your local hospitals for help.


The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and social care services in England. Simply put, it sets standards for the quality and safety of care and inspects and rates services based on these standards. Rehab facilities in the UK are required to register with the CQC and adhere to their regulations to ensure that they are providing safe and effective care to their patients; the CQC also publishes inspection reports and ratings of rehab facilities to help patients and their families make informed decisions about their care.

This is dependent on beds available but more often than not, you can be admitted as soon as possible and some even the following day. We won't leave you waiting for long and will support you should you have to wait.

After rehab, you can expect to keep in touch as you will be able to take comfort in our aftercare programme and have regular meetings to keep you on track. You will also be urged to visit local AA or NA meetings so you're with people who have true empathy and you can even become a great recovered mentor once you're fully recovered.

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