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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Mansfield

If you’re reading this page then there’s a good chance that you are searching for drug and alcohol rehab in the Mansfield or Sutton-in-Ashfield area. You’ve already overcome the single biggest challenge of recovering from addiction in that you’ve admitted there’s a problem. Whether you’ve been suffering from addiction for months or for weeks, you’re in the right place.

Our Cassiobury Court rehab centres offer a high-quality residential rehab solution. We’ve been helping people overcome their addiction since 2011 and use advanced treatment programmes to make sure that you have the best chance of making a full, long-term recovery. More than 3,000 clients have walked through our doors, leaving behind turmoil and pain.

After completing their rehab treatment with us, they’ve returned to a happier, healthier life. Our aftercare treatment ensures that our patients continue to work towards their goals, focus on relapse prevention and completely remove substance abuse from their life.

Great Britain is in the grips of an addiction crisis. It has rarely been more obvious that more needs to be done to give users a chance to recover from this horrendous disease. We need to spread awareness about addiction and that begins with education about drug and alcohol abuse. What are the physical, mental and social impacts of drug abuse? Can drug abuse be fatal? And why is private rehab the best solution? Keep reading to find out.


The Impact of Drug Abuse

Drug addiction is a dangerous and all-consuming disease. Often, addicts that arrive at our facilities for drug rehabilitation don’t recognise themselves anymore. The person at the end of a long process of abuse has transformed almost completely, and it’s never for the better.

But the harsh reality is that drug addiction hurts so much more than just the user. Let’s look at the impact it has on both the person suffering from the illness and those around them.


The Impact on the User

People that are dependent on drugs believe they’re causing harm to nobody but themselves. While this isn’t completely true, they are still putting an incredible burden on both their physical and mental health.

There are significant physical effects as part of drug abuse. Over time users will change in appearance, beginning to look dishevelled and unkempt. Their skin can change colour, they’ll carry numerous new scars and scabs and eyes can become noticeably bloodshot and red.

They’ll begin to lose weight and look physically weak. Internally, things get even worse. Heart problems, liver problems and digestion problems all arise due to drug abuse. The chemical makeup of the brain is changed and there can be real and long-term damage there too. Addicts may attempt to go cold turkey but they can cause their bodies – almost completely dependent on drugs – serious harm. Seizures, fits and panic attacks are all common.

Prolonged abuse of drugs can also have a devastating impact on the mental health of users. Friendly, outgoing and confident people will quickly become disinterested in their hobbies of the past. They’ll spend much more time indoors and slowly lose grip of their social responsibilities. Instead of going to events and socialising, they’ll spend their time indoors and could develop anxiety and mood swings. Bipolarity and depression are two common mental health conditions which tend to appear as part of a drug abuse problem.


The Impact on Loved Ones

Substance abusers are often unable to see the harm and pain they’re causing to family members and loved ones around them. Partners will plead, desperately, trying to let users know that they have a problem. This can result in violent retaliation and complete denial. Families can be torn apart by the damaging influence that a user can have on everybody in the same household.

Families can also be dependent on the person that is abusing drugs for financial stability. If that person is supporting a young family, there is an even greater pressure to provide. Drug abuse tends to have a telling impact on a person’s ability to perform in work. Sometimes, they aren’t physically able to work and need to find another illicit source of income.


The Social Impact

Addicts are also likely to cause social problems. Every case of addiction is different, but there are common patterns and symptoms of drug addiction. Under the influence of drugs, some people are more likely to take part in criminal activity. With lower inhibitions and a desperate need to fund their habit, some users will turn to anti-social behaviour and crime. Council facilities, the NHS and local services all have to work harder to combat this behaviour.


The Cassiobury Court Experience

At Cassiobury Court, we’re proud of our rehab centres and the high-quality treatment programmes that we offer. Our focus is to help as many patients as possible and to provide the most comfortable rehab service that we can.

Years of research, experience and case study analysis has helped us design effective addiction treatment services. We believe that we offer people the best solution to overcome their addiction. Peaceful gardens, social areas and world-class accommodation all help you settle into your new residential home.

Your unique treatment programme, carefully designed after intense analysis and discussion, will see you take part in workshops, group therapy sessions and exercise routines. You’ll enjoy a balanced and healthy diet, and you’ll be able to spend time with former addicts.

On top of that, skilled staff members will also be available to help. Addiction counsellors, highly trained nurses and friendly doctors will all welcome you to our drug and alcohol rehab in Mansfield.


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We urge you to use the form below and get in touch with our team today. Your physical and mental health may have deteriorated more than you can bear, but there is a solution and we can help you find it. We’re ready to have a confidential and open conversation when you are, no matter who you are or what your background is. Every single day we help people overcome their addiction and today, that can be you.

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