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The rehabilitation journey is the most effective process to embark on when looking to get clean from drugs and alcohol. While other options, such as the cold turkey approach or a detox process, may feel appropriate right now, for sustainable recovery results, rehab is a leading recommendation.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newark

Through accessing a drug and alcohol rehab in Newark, experiencing the effectiveness of professional support and evidence-based treatment services will be expected, tailored around your needs. Via the most suitable treatment delivery, whether that’s on an outpatient or inpatient basis, the right structure, journey, and experience will be arranged.

Addiction recovery is about the here and now. Yet, it is also about the future and how much recovery levels can withstand the norm of sobriety. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation considers the future, through comprehensive, sustainable recovery, unrealistic through alternative means.

Experience drug and alcohol rehab here at Cassiobury Court, all tailored to your needs, budget, and lifestyle.


Accessing A Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Newark

Reasonably, lone withdrawal can begin now by cutting off all exposure to drugs and alcohol. Such action can also commence with professional support, recommended on a pre-admission basis.

With that being said, following a structured programme of rehab can begin just as quickly as lone attempts can. Yet, the sustainability of professional rehab will always outweigh the possibilities of independent withdrawal, making it a worthwhile decision.

Selecting a self-referral and accessing a drug and alcohol rehab in Newark will be realistic by completing an admissions process, helping to communicate your needs and expectations throughout addiction recovery.

Known as a pre-admission screening, sharing such details will help provide access to rehab whilst also ensuring that your selected rehab clinic and the programme can deliver the effectiveness of professional care.

We follow this approach here at Cassiobury Court, which helps direct suitable arrangements of rehab, from the delivery of treatment to the exact treatment services, carrying weight and results.

Accepting and completing the admissions process will therefore offer access into rehab at an urgent and immediate timescale.


Addiction Treatment Options

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Newark, both outpatient and inpatient treatment options can be completed. Deciding on the delivery of treatment will be very important to map out your experience and expectations.

Treatment delivery can be encountered on an outpatient basis, offered across a 6-12-month programme, known to promote flexibility and autonomy. Treatment can be completed from your chosen rehab clinic, allowing everyday life to continue whilst working through the rehabilitation steps.

Inpatient rehab is also a treatment option within addiction recovery, yet carries greater effects due to its rapid, proactive, and structured approach. Usually completed over a month, residing from a drug and alcohol rehab in Newark will be recommended to complete a range of treatments and resources. Again, all rehabilitation steps can be completed yet with greater intensity, personalisation, and execution.

A wide range of treatments will be available throughout both treatment options to offer the comprehensive delivery of rehab. Known to strengthen the reliability of recovery, a personal mix will be formed here at Cassiobury Court.

Completing the likes of a drug and alcohol detoxification process, cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, stress management, dialectical behavioural therapy, family therapy, sleep management, and further holistic services should be expected. However, the exact level, form, and length of such treatments will depend on the delivery of treatment.


Tailored Relapse Prevention Planning

Recovering with professional support will ensure that rehab is a comprehensive process. By this, we mean that recovery will start from the moment you reach out and will continue through various steps, including relapse prevention planning.

Relapse prevention planning is a part of the rehabilitation process, which focuses on planning for life after rehab, with realism in mind. Relapse risks are common within the first 12 months of sobriety, meaning that planning and preventive techniques will be useful.

A tailored plan can be expected through drug and alcohol rehab, including personal coping strategies, motivations, and helplines through any risks.

Long-term recovery is about learning, strengthening, and sustaining sobriety. Planning helps to overcome relapse obstacles, continues recovery beyond the adjustment phase and helps to make sober living a lifestyle.


Consistent Local Aftercare

After leaving a drug and alcohol rehab in Newark, aftercare services will be offered, providing the benefits of convenience and consistency. To help through relapse risks and the adjustment phase, aftercare is offered for free to finalise rehab services.

Aftercare ensures that rehab delivers an all-around recovery experience, helping to safeguard existing recovery rates. Through support groups and therapy sessions, aftercare will help to influence motivation, structure, and vision to embrace sobriety.

At Cassiobury Court, the entire rehabilitation process can be experienced and delivered to meet your needs and expectations. Offering the most effective road to recovery, the focus will be placed on current recovery and planning for the future.

We provide help for drug and alcohol addiction in many parts of Nottinghamshire, including Arnold, Mansfield, Southwell and more.

Addiction recovery is a long process that benefits from such a comprehensive process. Experience it via a drug and alcohol rehab in Newark to reliably overcome your addiction.

Drugs impact every individual differently. Yet there are commonalities across their consumption and poor mental health, due to their internal impacts on the body and mind, and their external impacts on life. Due to such prevalence, support can be experienced via rehab for mental health worries.

Help will be beneficial through understanding, empathy and offering a shoulder to lean on. Yet the most effective form of help, to promote recovery, will be through either a referral or intervention into rehab. Our support will be available to guide you through such a helpful process.

Treatment sessions themselves vary depending on the delivery of treatment. Commonly, inpatient treatment is completed over a month and will be a daily commitment. Outpatient treatment will differ, spanning over a 6-12-month timeframe, following weekly sessions.

Your needs and addiction type will affect the timings of addiction treatment, gauged throughout the admissions process.

Raffa Bari

Raffa Bari - Author

CQC Registered Manager

Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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