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Admitting that you need help with your drug and alcohol abuse is an extremely difficult thing to come to terms with, not only to those around you but also to yourself. Once you have made the courageous decision to seek help from a professional drug and alcohol rehab, your journey to long-term recovery can begin.

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Our rehab in Merseyside is home to a fantastic team of experienced therapists and psychiatrists who deliver industry-leading addiction treatments. It’s vital that you undergo a bespoke treatment programme which had been designed to suit your unique needs, this is the most effective way to achieve an efficient and successful long-term recovery.


How does our rehabilitation centre help you?

It’s important to remember that addiction to alcohol or drugs can’t be treated with medication alone. You must address your psychological connection with drug and alcohol abuse to understand the reasons behind what caused your addiction in the first place. Getting to know yourself and gaining a deeper insight into the root of the problem is essential when recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Addiction is a complex condition which can’t be defined by any single cause, you must undergo psychological therapies which have been carefully selected to aid your specific condition; this will help you discover your own answer as to why you began abusing drugs or alcohol.

During your stay with us which typically lasts up to 28 days, you will develop the necessary tools to recover from drug and alcohol abuse which you can then take home with you to put into practice in real-life situations. Our therapies focus on the emotional, social, physical, and psychological aspects of your life, and take a holistic approach to ensure you receive a well-rounded, comprehensive addiction treatment programme. Going through drug and alcohol rehab is an exhausting yet rewarding experience, our dedicated team of recovery workers are on hand 24/7 to support you in any way they can.


What is it like at our private, residential drug and alcohol rehab in Merseyside?

Many people have misconceptions about what drug and alcohol rehab is like. For some reason, you may believe they’re cold, clinical places that feel like a hospital. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our rehab in Merseyside is a warm, welcoming environment which is more like a luxury hotel than a hospital. We take pride in ensuring each of our clients has the privacy of their own room, all the home comforts they could wish for and social activities to enjoy in their downtime. Whilst it’s important to follow a structured treatment programme, we always incorporate time to relax and take care of your physical and psychological well-being; this is crucial to your recovery.

Not only do we deliver exceptional addiction treatments, but we also take care of your laundry, housekeeping and provide you with daily nutritious meals to aid your recovery. Our team are highly skilled and experienced in treating people from all walks of life with varying severities of drug and alcohol abuse. They’re extremely understanding and happy to support you in any way possible, at any time of the day. Many of our team have actually gone through drug and alcohol rehab themselves in the past, so they can truly appreciate what you’re going through giving them extra insight into your addiction treatment.


What treatments do we offer at our rehabilitation centre?

We deliver a wide range of psychological and well-being therapies, ensuring the client receives the most beneficial treatments for their condition. Of course, there isn’t just one single treatment which will achieve recovery, you require a carefully selected combination of therapies to address each aspect of your drug and alcohol abuse; this maximises your chance of a successful recovery.

Although our treatment programmes are unique to each client, it’s likely that we’ll recommend visiting our detox clinic, to begin with. This is a good place to start as by gradually reducing your consumption of drugs and alcohol, your body can begin to cleanse allowing you to think more clearly too. Detoxification helps your subsequent therapies to be more effective as you’re no longer suffering as much from the physical effects of addiction.

This process can, however, be quite dangerous if not managed correctly. As your drug or alcohol intake is reduced, you’ll experience drug or alcohol withdrawal which can lead to withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms have the potential to be quite serious, so it’s crucial that you undergo detoxification with the 24/7 support of a medical team like ours. They’re able to administer prescribed medication to ease the pain of drug or alcohol withdrawal if needed.

Once you’ve completed your detox, you will move on to the rest of your addiction treatments. These could include cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, individual, group or therapy counselling, or relapse prevention. We combine these more traditional, psychological therapies with our well-being therapies which help you significantly through your recovery journey. These could include art therapy, fitness therapy, acupuncture, acu-detox, relaxation and sleep management, mindfulness, or nutritional therapy.

By following a unique, structured addiction treatment programme which includes a combination of the above therapies, you’ll have the greatest chance of succeeding in your long-term recovery.


What happens when you leave our drug and alcohol treatment centre?

Our support doesn’t stop just because you’ve left our rehabilitation centre. We continue to help you through our free 12-month aftercare programme, which will again be designed specifically to suit your needs. The first year after leaving our drug and alcohol rehab is the most crucial as it’s when you’re most likely to relapse. Our committed aftercare team will support you through dedicated helplines, ongoing relapse prevention sessions and by arranging additional support through local groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of ending your drug and alcohol abuse for good? Turn your life around and create a happier, healthier future for yourself, and for those around you. Contact our team today on 01923 369 161 and we can guide you from there.

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